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Integrated System
Training Prerequisites

When the University of Virginia's new Integrated System goes live July 1, 2001, specific computer skills will be required to fully utilize the system. Training will be provided in the use of the Integrated System, however, certain computer skills will be required before attending the Integrated System training.

An Integrated Systems Project evaluation indicates that 90% of the employees who will use the new system already have the basic computer skills they need to qualify for the Integrated System training.

The table below lists the computer skills required, and, if needed, how to obtain them before attending the Integrated System training.

Please see Desktop Requirements for information about hardware and software.


Overview, navigation, and responsibility- and application-specific training will be offered to all University employees affected by each implementation phase just prior to "Go Live." Once training begins in the Integrated System for the current phase, this site will provide you with dates, locations, instructions, and topics.



General Prerequisite Skills

How to Obtain Skills
Basic Windows
  • working with menus
  • dialog boxes
  • switching between open windows
  • creating, opening, and saving documents 
  • cutting, copying, and pasting
  • using My Computer and Windows Explorer to manage data 
  • copying, moving, renaming, and deleting files
Eudora or Simeon email
  • sending and receiving attachments

Help menus in Eudora and Simeon give step-by-step instructions for sending and receiving attachments.

Documentation for Simeon can be found on the ITC web site.

Web Browsing
  • navigating on the web
  • recognizing a URL (Uniform Resource Locator)

Help menus in Netscape 4.5 and Internet Explorer 5.0 give step-by-step instructions for navigating the web.

The ITC glossary provides links to several web resources that explain URLs and other Internet concepts.

Netscape 4.5
Explorer 5.0
  • sending messages from your browser

In Netscape, select "Edit, Preferences" on the toolbar and enter the requested information.  The help menu gives step-by-step instructions for editing preferences. 

Internet Explorer does not require special settings to send messages from the browser.

Custom Reporting Skills

If you currently use Information Warehouse Data custom reports, you will need the following skills.

  • formatting, working with formulas, and importing data




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