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The Information Security, Policy and Records Office (ISPRO) held the 2014 UVA ISPRO Conference on June 17, 2014 at the Omni Hotel, adjacent to the historic downtown Pedestrian Mall in Charlottesville, VA.

This annual event included information sessions on records management, information security, UVa information policies, and speakers from various departments within the University.

Congratulations to ISPRO Award recipients:

Shirley Payne Information Security Award:

  • Young Kim, ITS Enterprise Applications
  • Steve Johnson, Housing & Residence Life

Records Management Significant Contribution Award:

  • Angela Thompson, Biomedical Engineering
  • Melissa Wender, Mountain Lake Biological Station

Conference Program & Presentations (click on the red PDF icon to view the presentation)


General Session: Information Security, Policy, & Records - An Update: Brian Davis; Director - Information Security, Policy & Access / Caroline Walters; CRM, University Records Officer

Hear about what's new in ISPRO and a preview of the conference day.

  General Session: Organizational Excellence: Sara Collie, Assistant Vice President for Organizational Excellence
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Security Tools of the Future: Tony Townsend, Information Security Analyst - ISPRO

As more and more office work requires connectivity to the Internet, keeping ahead of the bad guys BEFORE they wreak havoc is vital. Join Tony Townsend, Information Security Analyst at UVa, as he looks in to the crystal ball to see what new security threats may be in store, and more importantly, what new tools we might use to ward off attacks.

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Departmental Records Clean-Up - Two Real World Examples: Sharon Hiner & Jennifer Nickerson-Hoffman -Molecular Physiology and Biological Physics / Stephanie Mitchell - Student Health

Two departments that have created plans for managing their records and implementing improvements in what they keep and how they keep it will present on their process.  Sharon and Jennifer will discuss the cleanup of years of financial and making changes in how financial records are organized to make retention easier.  Stephanie will discuss the movement of over 30,000 patient files to secure storage, while also reducing their out of pocket costs and staff time in managing the storage.


Human Resources Document Imaging System: Rauzelle Smith - UHR

The University Human Resources Document Imaging System, when fully implemented university-wide, will be used for electronic viewing of HR and Health System documents and information associated with personnel.  The Document Imaging System is integrated with Oracle and PeopleSoft to enable you to retrieve and review documents and information in a secure, effective manner.  Attend this session for an update on the process and hear from some users of the system.

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Scanning Web Applications for Security: Tony Townsend, Information Security Analyst - ISPRO

Malware authors want to steal your confidential data, and the easiest way to do this is through applications running in a web browser. Tony Townsend will examine how these security vulnerabilities occur, what web developers can do to prevent them, and how web users can protect themselves and their organization.


Using Storage Vendors: Caroline Walters - ISPRO, Nancy Richards & Kirk Martin (Patterson Pope/FileSolve), Susan Cotter (EDM Americas)

Do you have paper records sitting around waiting until they have met retention?  Why not store them with a storage vendor who will take all the heavy lifting off your shoulders and back?  This session will review storage standards, and let you hear from the two vendors on contract with the University.  Plenty of time for questions and to help you decide where you should keep your records.

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Even TJ Thought About Data Security: Karen McDowell, IT Security Analyst - ISPRO

Approximately 90% of the attacks on your personal and institutional data come from spear phishers. Even though Thomas Jefferson never met a spear phisher, he knew about threats to his data and took the extra measures necessary to preserve and protect his work. Given that he had over 20,000 letters in his collection, he had by any stretch a lot of data to protect. Today it's both easier and harder to take care of all our data, but just as important, valuable, and interesting. Learn how to identify threats to your data, and enjoy the extra protection you can apply to all you do on the Internet.

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Identity Finder Console - Charting Unknown Data Stores: Jer Kong, Information Security Analyst - ISPRO & Marty Peterman, IT Security Specialist - ISPRO

The Identity Finder Console is a unique and free opportunity for UVA departments to discover where highly sensitive data is stored and the best way to remediate it.  The Console provides detailed insight into the storage locations for your department and pursuantly can optimize business practices.  If stored inappropriately, highly sensitive data is a risk and potentially a high cost.  Come to this session to learn how the Console can help you.

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An Introduction to URMA: Lori Kressin, Electronic Records Analyst - ISPRO

The University Records Management Application (URMA) is a tool that will help you keep track of what you have and where it is. This session will give an overview of the application, the benefits of it's use, and what you need to do to get started using it!


Data Protection Challenges in the Electronic Age of Research - Panel Discussion: Bronwyn L. Blackwood, Director - IRB for Social and Behavioral Sciences / Kelly J. Hochstetler, Director of Office of Export Controls - Office of Sponsored Programs / Susan R. Hoffman, Director - IRB for Health Sciences Research  / Tim F. Jost Tolson,  Information Security and Policy Analyst - ISPRO

Research compliance has become more complicated as research has moved from a paper to an electronic format.  Data security has gone from a  paper file secured in a locked file cabinet to a complicated world foreign to most people.  This session will provide examples of ways you can protect your research data in order to comply with institutional procedures and state and federal laws.


General Session: Ask the Expert Panel Discussion: Brian Davis - Director - Information Security, Policy & Access / Jonathan Neal - SOM Information Security / Ben Smith - Medical Center Records Manager / Caroline Walters - University Records Officer / Greg Washburn - Medical Center Information Security

Meet the Information Security and Records Management experts at UVa.  From the Health System and Academic side, get your questions about security and records management answered – literally – submit your questions during the day and get your answers during this closing session.