ARCH 3500: Architecture and Narrative [3] - THIS CLASS HAS BEEN CANCELLED

Edward Ford, Instructor

This course proposes to explore the relationship of architecture and literature by the examination of a series of fictional narratives - novels, short stories or poems - set in reallocations, examining the physical environment described in the work, what exactly exists or existed in reality, and the relationship between  the two, and to see what if any insights this reveals into our understanding of the totality of the narrative.
Each class of the first 5-6 days will be devoted to a short work of fiction. Students will be required to read a short narrative that will be the subject of a lecture and analysis in class the next day. For individual projects, each student will select a work from a list of narratives set in reallocations that are described with a degree of precision, research both book and environment, and report to the class . The presentations will be as
much visual as verbal, supplemented by slides, maps, and movies. While this not a course in film, emphasis will be given to works for which film adaptations exist since this will lead to many other levels of analysis.