ARTS 2580: Special Topics in Sculpture: The Body [3]

William Bennett, Associate Professor

The human figure has been an obsession and subject of human making for thousands of years and shows no sign of disappearing as we forge into the 21st century.   From the “Venus” of Willendorf to Anthony Gormley and Louise Bourgeois, the human figure as an art object has an ancient past, provocative present and seemingly secure future as humans continue to wonder, ponder, dream, question and ask: Who we were? Who we are?   What will we become?  This course will address this continuing fascination with our bodies by using sculpture studio research projects involving new and old representations of ourselves.  The class will be available to all without prerequisites and will include traditional and modern materials, methods, and practices.  Personal sculptures and a collaborative sculpture installation will yield an exhibition “The Body”(working title) presented to the world January 13-31, with a reception on Final Fridays, January 30, 2015, 5:00 – 7:00PM at Ruffstuff Gallery, Ruffin Hall, UVA.

ARTS 2610: Introduction to Drawing I [3] (2 sections)

Akemi Ohira Rollando, Instructor, section 1

Amy Chan, Instructor, section 2

Introduction to Drawing I is an intensive drawing course covering the craft and principles of observational drawing.  Line quality, proportion, value, composition and conceptual problem solving will be stressed.  Through the repeated physical activity of drawing, students will refine dexterity and observational skills while building a strong eye-to-hand connection.  Students will also learn how to critique work and use push their practice towards improvement.


ARTS 2620: Methodologies and Materials in Drawing II [3]

Dean Dass, Professor

Drawing activity will be very broadly defined and the studio practice may include the use of cardboard, old envelopes, how-to manuals, old magazines, other people’s drawings, the photograph, bookbinding, xerography, and staining, and tracing, decalcomania, the typewriter, the scanner, glue, inkshower. The term will be divided into a very few sustained projects, each generating its own group of works.

Thematic drawings are a sustained series of drawings that have an idea or cluster of related ideas in common.  Development of these drawings will occur in a displacement between the terms form and content. Working thematically, we will consider carefully a very short list of topics and explore each in depth. We will foreground the process of working.

In this class we will apply the above toward making artist’s books.