DRAM 3320: Fine Art of Dress 1: Conformity and Individuality [3] - THIS CLASS HAS BEEN CANCELLED

Gweneth West, Professor

Ever wonder why men wear khaki pants and blue blazers? They are conforming to a long standing tradition established by "Beau" Brummel, arbiter of men's fashion in the early 19th century. We will explore such external influences on the fashion choices you make and the expression of identity you create for a public world in the 21st century. Examination of your own wardrobe and study of the history of dress serves as grounding for research into selected garments from The Collection of Historic Dress housed in the costume department of the Department if Drama. This unique experience of working with extant garments dating from c.1830-c.1965 provides insight into these early periods of American history and the people who inhabited these clothes. You will work in collaboration with the professor and your peers to develop your research projects and articulate your discoveries. The course will culminate in an oral presentation of your results.