EDHS 3500/5500: Mindfulness as a Tool for Learning and Living [3]

Lynne Crotts, Instructor

Are you trying to juggle too much? Is life stressing you out? Learn how practicing mindfulness - a state of enhanced attention to and awareness of current experience – can help you cope with stresses more effectively. This course is a highly interactive, collaborative learning experience that gives you the opportunity to explore accessible techniques ranging from mindful awareness in walking, sitting, eating, and resting, to yoga to reflective writing that may enhance your ability to have greater well-being, concentration and focus. We will draw upon new research in neuroscience, cognitive science, and developmental science, and adapt practices from contemplative traditions in secular ways that will serve you in student life and beyond.

Additional nonrefundable $35 fee required.


EDHS 2850: Medical Terminology [3]

Joe Hart
, Assistant Professor

This is a medical terminology course and will be applicable to any student with an interest in a career in an allied health profession such as medicine, PA, PT, AT, OT, DC, etc. In addition, the course can cater to those interested in fields with emphasis on medical sciences such as coding, law, business, engineering etc. The course will also act to fulfill medical terminology course prerequisites for post-graduate professional programs.

The class will cover basics of medical term etymology and a system-based approach to understanding the language of medicine. The objective of this class is to encourage interdisciplinary communication among medical practitioners and other health care professionals as they prepare for the 'real world' of medicine. This course will provide a foundation for anyone wanting to pursue a career in the allied health professions or health related industry.

The course will be a hybrid in-class and online. Class time will be devoted to brief lectures, discussions, group activities, and projects. Online work will include quizzes and other evaluation activities, projects, games, and a computerized learning progression that is included with the course book.