HIST 3775: Americans in the Middle East Application

Elizabeth F. Thompson, Associate Professor

Thank you for your interest in this course. Please answer the questions below and email to me with the subject line HIST 3775 Enrollment Questionnaire. I will read your answers and finalize enrollment on November 15. Students will not enroll through SIS self-service, but will be enrolled administratively by the January Term staff on November 22nd.

A course fee of $840 will be charged to your student account at the time of enrollment. This fee covers housing, transportation costs while in Washington DC, and some group meals. Transportation to and from Washington DC is not included in this fee.

If you have any questions about the course, please email me at: eft3k@virginia.edu

Elizabeth F. Thompson

  1. Name?

  2. Major and year?

  3. Have you taken any courses at UVa on the Middle East? If so, please list them.

  4. Have you written a long seminar paper (20 pages or more) before? On what topic

  5. What motivated you to take this course (please write a paragraph).

  6. Housing is in a hotel in DC near the Woodrow Wilson Center. To keep costs down we will have two students per room. Are you comfortable with this arrangement?