LASE 3559: Academic Skills and Realities [3]

Karlin Luedtke, Lecturer

This course will assist upperclassmen, transfer students and non-traditional students to attain their academic goals at the University of Virginia and beyond. The class will address strategies for dealing with lengthy and complex readings, the analytical and critical skills of scholarship, methods of time management in academic pursuits and stress management.

You will benefit from this class if any of the following statements are true of you:

  • Your grades do not reflect the time and energy you spend in study.
  • Your GPA has steadily declined each semester you have attended U.Va.
  • Your GPA at the University of Virginia is not comparable to the grade point average you earned at other colleges and universities.
  • You have experienced considerable stress adjusting to the academic rigor of U.Va.
  • You are enrolled at the University of Virginia after a sustained absence from the academic environment.
  • You plan to continue study beyond the baccalaureate level and find time management an ongoing challenge.

Additional $35 dollar fee required.