Study Abroad Courses January Term 2014

The Study Abroad courses offered in January 2014 are listed below. Study Abroad courses for January Term 2015 are now in the planning stages and will be posted here when the information is available. Please visit us again later in the spring.

UVa January Term in Argentina
COMM 4270: Information Tech Practicum
SYS 2054/SYS 3054: System Case Studies in Argentina
Reid Bailey, Associate Professor
Stefano Grazioli, Associate Professor

Argentina Brochure


UVA in Australia
HIST 3000: History of Australia
Mark Thomas, Professor

Australia Brochure

UVa January Term in Berlin
GETR 2770: Berlin and the Geography of Memory
Mark Ilsemann, Lecturer

Berlin Brochure


UVa January Term in India
COMM 4530: Consumers and Markets in India
Amar Cheema, Associate Professor

India Brochure


UVa January Term in Ireland
ENSP 3200: An Irish Sense of Place: Literature, Language, Music, and the Arts
Elizabeth Fowler, Associate Professor
Victor Luftig, Associate Professor and Director, Center for the Liberal Arts

India Brochure

UVa January Term Engineering in Panama
STS 2500/GDS 2559: The Big Dirch: The Panama Canal
Edward Berger, Associate Dean

Panama Brochure


UVa January Term Commerce in Southeast Asia
COMM 4559: Financial Capitals of East and Southeast Asia
Robert Webb, Paul Tudor Jones Professor of Commerce

Southeast Asia Brochure

UVa January Term in Paris
FRTR 2553/FREN 3553: Making Paris Modern: A Secret History of the City of Lights
Ari Blatt, Assistant Professor

Paris Brochure

UVa Engineering in Sri Lanka
STS 2500: Industrial Automation: Culture and Technological Challenges in Sri Lanka
Harsha Chelliah, Professor

Sri Lanka Brochure

UVa January Term in Saint Kitts and Nevis
West Indies Health Care: Disaster Preparedness, St. Kitts and Nevis
GNUR 5500: Comparative Health Systems
INST 1500: West Indies Healthcare
PHS 5810: West Indies Healthcare: Disaster Preparedness, St. Kitts and Nevis
Audrey Snyder, Assistant Professor

Saint Kitts and Nevis Brochure