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Faculty & Community

UVA faculty members and community organizations have a history of partnering to solve some of the tough local to global problems. The bond that is formed between institution and community creates fertile ground for the growth and development of teaching, research and service. The University has identified these relationships to be essential for the growth of communities and students.

Funding Opportunities

The Office for Community Partnerships offers support for faculty through grants and networking opportunities. This is in an effort to encourage course development, research, and service projects that address real world problems.

Funding available:

  • Academic Community Engagement (ACE) Faculty Fellow Grants
    To encourage student learning and foster innovative academically-based public service universitywide, the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost announces funds to support faculty development of academically-based community engagement courses. Awards range from $5K to $9K.

  • Academic Community Engagement (ACE) Course Assistant Awards
    The ACE Course Assistant Awards are intended to expand capacity of faculty to offer public community engagement experiences in their classes. These awards are funds for graduate or undergraduate students to provide academic community engagement courses with ongoing logistical and classroom support throughout the semester. Awards range from $2K to $3K.

  • University Community Academic Partnership Assistance Awards
    The University Community Academic Partnership (UCAP) Assistance Awards provide faculty with funds to advance university community partnerships necessary for student academic learning experiences. These funds are intended to enhance partnership capacity not covered by course assistant funds or faculty fellow funds. Awards are up to $1K.

Internal Funding Opportunities

  • Community Based Research Grants
    Community Based Research Grants provide opportunities for students to develop research projects that apply their academic skills, experiences, and ideas to real world problems.

    Mission: Community based research seeks to foster collaborative partnerships between university researchers and the community, share knowledge among key stakeholders, and address social inequities.

    Goal: Community Based Undergraduate Research Grants will provide opportunities for students to develop research projects that apply their academic skills, experiences, and ideas to real world problems. The grants are not limited to a single academic field. Interdisciplinary work is encouraged. Student researchers, under the guidance of a faculty advisor and in collaboration with a community organization, will identify a project that addresses a documented public need or issue. Student researchers will design a research project, adopt and deploy a research methodology embedded in an academic field(s), create a research product (paper, presentation, etc.) that benefits the community organization and meets expectations of academic rigor as agreed on by the faculty advisor and the student researcher(s).

    Process: Awards will be granted on a competitive basis. Please see attached application form. A budget of anticipated expenses including travel, living expenses, research supplies should not exceed $3,000. If research is a team project that includes graduate students and other undergraduate students, then the budget may not exceed $5,000. An honorarium of $1,000 will be awarded to the faculty advisor.

  • Institute on Aging
    The Institute's mission is to enrich the lives of elders by acting as a catalyst and coordinator for aging-related research. Funding for student assistance with collaborative, community-based research in the field of aging is available to students up to $5,000.

Working with Communities

Information for Faculty Advisors (PDF) Photo

Best Practices

For more information on the best practices for community organizations working with UVA faculty and students review the Best Practice Briefs: