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Recipients of the 2014 Jefferson Public Citizens Awards

Fifty-eight University of Virginia undergraduates have received Jefferson Public Citizen Awards, which will assist them in conducting public service projects during the 2014-2015 academic year. This is the sixth year of the JPC program, which was identified as a University priority by the Commission for the Future of the University and approved by the Board of Visitors. This year, there are 15 projects, 17 faculty advisors, and 10 graduate mentors.

  • JPC Group: Andreya Adams, Saron Fantahun, Kaitlin Layne, and David Richards
    Faculty Advisor: Cathy Campbell
    Community Partner: Limpopo Department of Health, Vhembe District
    Project Title: Evaluation and Expansion of an Interprofessional Community Health Worker Training Program in Limpopo

    Community Health in Limpopo (CHIL) is a collaboration between UVA, the University of Venda and the Department of Health (Vhembe District). A major goal of the collaboration is to create a sustainable community health worker education program. Using surveys, interviews, and participant observation, the CHIL 2014 team will evaluate the CHIL 2013 pilot curriculum for CHWS on diabetes and hypertension. Evaluation findings will inform the design and evaluation plan for the 2014 curriculum.

  • JPC Group: Lindsay Ardiff, Alice Burgess, Amy Wedmore, and Matthew Cafarella
    Faculty Advisor: David Burt
    Community Partner: University of Virginia Guatemala Initiative
    Project Title: Collaborative Survey of Water Security in Rural Guatemala

    This comprehensive survey of water security in San Martin, Solola, Guatemala, builds on previous UVA collaborations and responds to a specific community request to examine their water pump. The survey will address both dimensions of water security: access and quality. The team will assess the integrity of the pump, analyze the pipe network, test water quality in key locations, and interview community members and leadership regarding current and future water needs of the community.

  • JPC Group: Gloria Burgoa, Kelsey Hunt, Samuel Robertson, Katelyn Ditzler, Kathryn Hendley
    Faculty Advisor: Ribert Fatton and Andres Clarens
    Community Partner: El Corozo Water Committee
    Project Title: A Holistic Approach to Addressing Water Quality in El Corozo

    A 2013 JPC team worked with El Corozo and UVa alum Daniel Saboe to begin construction of an aqueduct. This partnership grew to include Peace Corps Volunteer Samantha Kinney and RED-DOM, a local NGO. El Corozo's desire to build upon the previous JPC project led to a partnership between the Water Committee, Kinney, and our team, which serves to improve water quality in the aqueduct. RED-DOM and the Water Committee identified potential solutions to address water quality: a redesigned intake structure, sedimentation tank, and reforestation efforts (Saboe, 2013). This team will establish community goals for implementing these technologies and will incorporate a  holistic approach to addressing the community’s water quality concerns.

  • JPC Group: Margaret Chambers, Gwendolyn Apgar, Brooke Bennett, Eunice Kim
    Faculty Advisor: Winx Laurence
    Community Partner: Collaboration between YWLP and Charlottesville and Albemarle Public Schools
    Project Title: It Takes a Village: Promoting Parent Collaboration in a Mentoring Program

    With the goal of increasing the effectiveness of mentoring relationships in the Young Women Leaders Program (YWLP), this JPC team will develop opportunities for collaboration between mentees' parents, their daughter's mentor, and the mentoring program. Team members will collaborate with faculty and the Albemarle County and Charlottesville City School staff to ameliorate an existing gap between parents and the program by developing and providing YWLP parents with a program orientation, revised parent workshop, and revised parent handbook.

  • JPC Group: Vidya Gopinath, Vidya Gopinath, Audrey Ogendi, Rhiannon Franck,  Claire Constance
    Faculty Advisor: James Plews-Ogan
    Community Partner: Limpopo Department of Health, Vhembe District
    Project Title: Implementing and Evaluating a Sustainable Early Childhood Development Education Program for High-risk Mothers in Limpopo, South Africa: A Pilot Study

    The Department of Health in Limpopo, South Africa has requested assistance improving early childhood development within their community. This JPC team’s educational program, will improve the pediatric development assessment skills of nurses working in community clinics, and will also introduce culturally-appropriate interventions for high-risk mothers,  intended to improve meaningful mother-child interaction, maternal bonding, and knowledge. We hypothesize that these improved metrics will ultimately lead to a decreased incidence of pediatric injury in young children.

  • JPC Group: Alexandra Iaccarino, Rachel Himes, William Haynes, Nicole Zaccack, Aaron Bridgers
    Faculty Advisor: Anselmo Canfora
    Community Partner: Granada Christian Education Center (GCEC)
    Project Title: Initiative reCOVER: School for El Pantanal, Nicaragua

    The reCOVER initiative for the design of a secondary school in the El Pantanal community in Granada, Nicaragua will establish a scalable-structures framework that will foster education and community development. The final design will address issues of sustainable design practice through an asset-based approach. This strategy will incorporate the use of local materials, passive energy design, and a kit of parts that is easily configured in a setting without advanced building technologies.

  • JPC Group: Christina Leas, Yutong Li, Maddy Brehaut, Katie Gronsky
    Faculty Advisor: David Germano
    Community Partner: TSERING of Wintock International
    Project Title: Community Building: Culviating Environmental Stewardship and Cross-Cultural Dialogue Through the Construction of a Community Center in Lhamo, China

    This JPC team will support a collaborative project centered around the collection of waste materials; construction of a community center from these materials; and promotion of ideas of environmental stewardship across ethnic groups within Lhamo, a Tibetan town with significant populations from other cultural groups in western China. The team will study the impact of this project on the community's understanding of environmental stewardship as well as on the role that crosscultural collaboration plays in such initiatives.

  • JPC Group: Sarah Leser, Vanessa Ehrenpreis, Caroline Herre, Kelly   MacDonald
    Faculty Advisor: Eleanor Wilson
    Community Partner: Burnley-Moran Schoolyard Garden
    Project Title: Expanding "Healthy Habits": Incorporating a Nature Trail into Environmental Curriculum at Burnley-Maran Elementary

    This study will continue an after-school 'Healthy Habits' Club at Burnley-Maran Elementary School. Healthy Habits aims to encourage environmental stewardship, healthy lifestyles, and physical activity through the use of a schoolyard garden. In addition to continuing the club, the team will examine how a nature trail (to be constructed summer 2014 with our community
    partner) can be integrated into the club's lesson plans and the overall school environment.

  • JPC Group: Brittany Major, Wilson Ruotolo, Brendan Kelley, Angela Liu, Meghan Smith, Rujira Chaysiri
    Faculty Advisor: Garrick Louis
    Community Partner: Bridges to Community
    Project Title: Capacity-driven Evaluation of a Water Distribution System in Rosa Grande, Nicaragua

    Drawing on their established relationship with Bridges to Community, this JPC team will analyze and evaluate the water distribution system of Rosa Grande, Nicaragua. By conducting interviews withthe involved parties and examining the infrastructure from an engineering standpoint, they will uncover which capacities for success were not appropriately
    addressed during implementation of the system. The team will propose a budgeted solution to both the community and the Building Goodness Foundation.

  • JPC Group: Asher McGlothlin, Todd Stovall, Christopher Wallace, Callum Gordon, Jessica Baralt
    Faculty Advisor: Seth McDowell
    Community Partner: Grundy Town Council
    Project Title: Grundy Youth Center

    The Grundy Youth Center is a ground-breaking, community-focused focused planning, design and construction project that establishes a unique educational model:  undergraduate architecture students will work collaboratively with a Southwestern Virginia community to design and build a public community center that facilitates support for at-risk teens.

  • JPC Group: Elisa Montealegre, Emily Anthony, Andrea Kleid, Melissa Picon, Emily Mordecai
    Faculty Advisor: Edith Lawrence
    Community Partner: Lincoln International Academy
    Project Title: Sustaining YWLP in Nicaragua

    This project further develops the YWLP sister site in Managua, Nicaragua, established last year as part of a JPC Project. They will evaluate the program's impact on participating 5th and 1Oth grade girls and determine if changes to the curriculum or program are needed. We will also develop a training curriculum on program management and group facilitation, and they will provide the first training to school administrators and students, so they can sustain their program.

  • JPC Group: Emily Nemec, Lauren Baetsen, Amanda Halacy, Joann Judge
    Faculty Advisor: Paige Pullen
    Community Partner: Special Hope Network
    Project Title: Ku-Punzitsa Apunzitsi: Creating a Professional Skills Program for Teachers in Lusaka, Zambia

    Ku-punzitsa apunzitsi means 'to teach teachers' in Nyanja, a Zambian dialect. Special Hope Network (SHN) is a Zambian organization that focuses on teaching children with disabilities. They train and employ local high school graduates as teachers.This JPC project will improve the effectiveness of SHN's teachers by establishing a sustainable, culturally fluent program to supplement training. The program will target high-level cognitive processes that regulate behavior, such as planning, organizing, and strategizing.

  • JPC Group: Porter Nenon, Marisa Reddy, Lauren Jackson, Claire Councill, Mark Heneine
    Faculty Advisor: Christine Mahoney
    Community Partner: Global Grassroots
    Project Title: Building Leadership Capacity Through Impact Analysis in Uganda and Rwanda

    In partnership with Global Grassroots, an international NGO that provides women's leadership training, this project seeks to conduct an impact assessment and data analysis program for 36 grassroots ventures. Building upon past impact assessment reports, this project will use socially-conscious and academically sound data collection methods to measure the efficacy of Global Grassroots' training of female change agents in East Africa. Data will be compared to a baseline control group and disseminated to each venture.

  • JPC Group: Chloe Rento, Sydney Turner, Veronica Son, Beeta Ehdaie
    Faculty Advisor: James Smith
    Community Partner: The University of Venda
    Project Title: Long-Term Testing of Ceramic Water Treatment Technologies in Limpopo Province, South Africa

    This JPC team will continue a study of two point-of-use water treatment technologies used alone and together. The technologies are a silver-impregnated ceramic tablet called the MadiDrop and a silver-impregnated ceramic filter. These technologies have been tested for efficacy in the laboratory and field testing began last summer. They will partner with the University of Venda and local communities of Ha-Mashamba and Tshibvumo to complete long-term testing of the technologies in 80 households.

  • JPC Group: Sreemoyee Som, Christopher Cai, Usnish Majumdar, Benjamin Harris, Alexa Hazel, Pranay Sinha
    Faculty Advisor: Paul Matherne, Stephanie Mcnerney, and Rebecca Scharf
    Community Partner: Special Hope Network
    Project Title: Hope through Mobility: Assistive Mobility Devices in Lusaka, Zambia

    Special Hope Network is an organization in Lusaka, Zambia, dedicated to serving the needs of community children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This team purposes to work in conjunction with SHN, to provide these children with adaptive mobility devices sourced from a local manufacturer, Zambian Association of Children with Disabilities (ZACD). Using a sustainable, community-driven solution, they aim to increase independence and mobility in a culture that heavily stigmatizes disabilities.

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