Report An Incident

University Response

A dean on call will confer with the University Dean of Students and respond promptly (typically within 24 hours) to any person who files a bias complaint. The University Police Department (“UPD”) will separately evaluate the complaint to determine whether any response is appropriate pursuant to the UPD’s┬áprocedures.

When the dean on call makes contact with the reporting party, the dean will interview the party to obtain additional information regarding the complaint and assess the facts for possible violation(s) of University policy, including the Standards of Conduct.

Following an initial assessment, the dean on call may confer with any relevant University parties (e.g., Vice President and Chief Student Affairs Officer, Vice President and Chief Officer for Diversity and Equity, Office of Equal Opportunity Programs, Office of African-American Affairs, University Judiciary Committee, Office of the General Counsel, Student Health/Counseling and Psychological Services) to determine appropriate next steps.

The dean on call will serve as the primary contact for any reporting student. The dean will make appropriate referrals and arrange for any necessary accommodations in housing or academic coursework. The dean on call will continue to follow up with any reporting student until an individual case is concluded.

Even when it is determined that a complaint does not present a violation of criminal law, University policy, and/or the Standards of Conduct, the University may choose to speak out in the form of an institutional response. This may also be the case when a perpetrator has not been identified or when an act constitutes offensive but constitutionally protected speech.