Report An Incident

Student Reports of Prohibited Conduct

The University encourages students who become aware of an incident of Prohibited Conduct to immediately inform the University by making a report about the incident through the Just Report It form. Information can be submitted anonymously or you may include your name or other personally-identifying information. If you submit information anonymously, the University will be limited in its ability to respond. 

You may also report an incident of Prohibited Conduct by contacting the University’s Title IX Coordinator or any Deputy Title IX Coordinator, by telephone, email, or in person during regular office hours.  For the names and contact information of the Title IX Coordinator and the Deputy Title IX Coordinators, see Contacts.

For a quick-reference guide for students, see “Sexual and Gender-Based Violence: What Students Need to Know.” More detailed information for students about resources and reporting is contained in the Resource and Reporting Guide for Students.

Under the University’s Reporting Policy, students are responsible for:

  • Understanding the options available to them for the disclosure of information about alleged Prohibited Conduct (i.e., understanding the differences between Confidential Employees and Responsible Employees) and understanding the University’s obligation to respond to such disclosures;
  • Understanding the University’s process for evaluating a Request for Confidentiality concerning information disclosed to a Responsible Employee (see “Requesting Confidentiality”); and
  • Requesting remedial and protective measures from the Office of the Dean of Students as needed.