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Mail Address Directory

This U.S. Mail and Messenger Mail Address Directory is provided to assist everyone, including those in both the Academic and Health System divisions, in the transition to the new University mailing address scheme. The directory has been prepared in three sections: Academic departments, Health System units and Newcomb Hall Post Office boxes. Within these sections, each department and organization is listed alphabetically with their new mailing address. The directory is intended as an interim listing of addresses until the University's Telephone Directory is re-issued next fall. Names and Addresses shown are believed to be correct and complete as of February 23, 2008.

U.S. Mail and Messenger Mail Address Listings

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If you have any questions, corrections, deletions or comments feel free to contact Brandy Bartlett at 924-6124 or Tonya Young at 924-2048.

All departments and organizations are asked to add/correct their mailing address in the new format in their University Telephone Directory listing for the next issue. Please advise your correspondents of your new mailing address promptly for the best mail service.