University Mail Services University of Virginia
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University Mail Services
P.O. Box 400101
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4101
Physical Address
1101 Millmont Street
Suite 101
Charlottesville, VA 22904

Student Mail/Address Finder Information

Housing & Residence Life Mail Information

  1. Please contact Housing & Residence Life Mail Services for current policy on forwarding student mail:

Newcomb Hall — Brown College

  1. Student mail will be forwarded for 60 days from the day students were required to vacate Student Housing.
  2. Only 1st Class mail, Parcels/Packages and Periodicals will be forwarded. All other mail will be handled in accordance with Postal Regulations.
  3. Key Phone Numbers: 434-924-4999 or 434-924-3123

How to Address Incoming Resident Mail

Addresses for all student residences are available using the Mailing Address Finder.

Each floor of each residence hall has it's own nine (9) digit zip code (zip+4). It is imperative to include the complete nine (9) digit zip code (excluding Language Houses), as the mail is sorted by the zip code. Failure to use the proper address and zip code will cause delays in the delivery of student mail.