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Microbiology Office
General Info-- Building/Center: Pinn Hall 7th floor--- Room Number: Suite 7012
Namee-mail idOffice PhoneLab PhonePosition Fax Number Mailbox
Lucy Anderson laa6e x 4-1949 Accountant 2-1071 MIC Office
Virginia Coffey vam8g x 3-2831 Grants Spec 2-1071 MIC Office
Steven Tilley sgt2m 4-9763 4-9763 IT-support 800734
Liz Hupp ehh2e x 4-1947 Admin Dir 2-1071 MIC Office
Lynn McCutcheon lam8t x 4-1948 Admin Asstist. 2-1071 McCutcheon
Helen Meade ham9s 2-1020 4-9994 Lab Tech/Accing 2-1071 MIC Office
Regina Seitz rmm5m x 4-5111 Webmaster 2-1071 Seitz
Sandy Weirich sww6j 3-2776 3-2776 Ed. Support Speciali 2-1071 MIC Office
Quayshawn Cooper qlc9y 4-9763 4-9763 IT Specialist x MIC Office