People listed on this page are either directly employed by the MIC Department or by one of the Centers where MIC Department Faculty has a research lab. Also, Joint Faculty usually has their lab in their primary department.

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Last Name First Name Building Lab Lab Phone Office Phone Room # e-mail Fax # Position
Arras Janet Pinn 7th floor Bouton Box 800734 4-9995 x 7046 ja6vy 2-1071 Grad Student 2017 MSTP
Eccles Jacob MR4 Woodfolk Box 801355 4-1293 x MR4/5061 jde3fv Grad student 2014 MSTP
Gilmartin Allissia MR6 Petri Box 801340 * 4-5167 MR6/1709 aag2u 4-0075 Grad Student 2013 MSTP
Ray Jocelyn Pinn 7th floor Criss Box 800734 3-3586 x 7213 jcr3ya 2-1071 grad student MSTP 2017
Rowley Carol Pinn 7th floor Kendall Box 800734 4-2899 x 7231 car4qu 2-1071 Grad student MSTP 2016
Stevens Jacqueline Pinn Criss Box 800734 3-3586 x 7213 jss2hf 2-1071 Grad student 2014 MSTP
Suzich Jon MR4 Zeichner 801349 jbs4de grad student MSTP 2017

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