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"After the Rifles "

Ben Shaw, Charlottesville Wounded Warriors

Presented by the Learning Needs Evaluation Center and the Office of the Vice President and Chief Student Affairs Officer

Date:        January 31, 2013

Time:        6:00-7:00 PM

LocationMinor Hall, Room 125

Ben Shaw will discuss how the military uniform, training, and combat inform a veteran’s worldview.  That worldview differs from the norm experienced by non-veterans.   This is an opportunity to learn how veterans integrate the two after military service.  This topic is one that has great relevance to colleges and universities like U.Va. as veterans return home and re-enter the world of academia. 



Ben Shaw, a veteran of the US Marine Corps infantry, served two tours in Iraq, participating in hundreds of combat missions, and a third tour as a foreign weapons instructor to the Iraqi Army.  He is a combat veteran, and served in support of OIFs II-VIII.  In 2009, Shaw returned to Iraq as a civilian journalist and embedded with US troops in the country’s northern provinces.  In 2010, he embedded as a journalist with US troops in Logar province, Afghanistan.  Since his return to the United States, Shaw has worked as a Veteran Peer Specialist for the Virginia Wounded Warrior Program, an agency of the Virginia Department of Veterans Services.  He is a native of Virginia, and holds a bachelor’s degree in botany.