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Teaching Resource Center January Teaching Workshops


Presented by the Teaching Resource Center of the University of Virginia


Date:Tuesday, January 18, 2011
Location:Monroe Hall, University of Virginia
Time: See Individual Sessions for Times

This year, the TRC's January Teaching Workshop will be part of the 2011 University and Community Celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s impact as a non-violent activist, teacher and humanitarian. Plan now to join us for thoughtful discussions about effective teaching in a multicultural society. Come to one or all of the half-day series of interactive sessions, where you can share & learn specific teaching strategies for creating engaging and inclusive classrooms to help all students learn.

Kathryn M. Plank, Associate Director, University Center for the Advancement of Teaching, The Ohio State University, will conduct the plenary session, "Diversity in the Classroom as a Path to Better Learning", from 9 - 10:30 a.m.

Concurrent sessions from 10:45-12:15 include:

Engaging Students in Large Courses

Panelists: Amori Mikami, Assistant Professor, Psychology
Deborah Roach, Associate Professor, Biology
Gary Gallagher, Professor of History
Moderator: Michael Palmer, Associate Professor & Assistant Director, TRC (Chemistry)
Monroe Hall, Room 130

In this workshop, three award winning teachers will share a short lesson from their classes and discuss ways they engage students in large-enrollment courses. We’ll discuss the unique aspects of teaching in this environment and explore effective ways to promote learning.

The Art of Listening: A Powerful Teaching Technique

Edith “Winx” Lawrence, Professor of Clinical & School Psychology, Curry School of Education; Director, Young Women Leaders Program
Monroe Hall, Room 124

While we hope students have developed listening skills good enough to take in the gems we share in class, a teacher's listening skills are just as important to good teaching. Borrowing from research on relationship conflict, this workshop will focus on what interferes with good listening, why it's an important teaching skill, and some simple ways to improve.

Looking to Learn

Deandra Little, TRC Associate Professor & Assistant Director, TRC (English)
Monroe Hall, Room 116

Research into human learning demonstrates the power of visuals in shaping understanding of the world; sighted individuals process visual images more quickly than text and rely on them more heavily, even when they contradict conceptual knowledge. As images become more a part of our teaching and research across disciplines, we need to consider their use outside traditionally visually-oriented fields. In this session, we’ll explore techniques that can help students learn to look more carefully and more critically and discuss ways to adapt these to different disciplines and learning goals.

The Inclusive Classroom: Further Discussion

Kathryn M. Plank, Associate Director, University Center for the Advancement of Teaching, The Ohio State University
Monroe Hall, Room 134