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MSE Building Renovation Information

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10/16/16-10/ From October 12 through October 19th crews will be finishing up the site work around the new bio retention pond on the adjacent plaza. Access to and around Mech-E eastern entrance and engineers way will be limited.
7/29/2016 Final MSE building full shut down: expect power outages, hard-hat only access by FM and Barry.

The machine shop is now in process of being moved to VDOT/VTRC building on Edgemont Road.  Please email Tanner (trf5h) any requests.

Also, room Thornton A012 requires the the next generation badge with RF chips rather than old ones with magnetic swipe only. Since most of the locks will eventually be transitioning over, it would be better to get your badge replaced soon before the semester starts.

7/1/2016 Construction fencing is going up begining July 5. Access via Engineer's Way will be impacted through mid-August. Portions of the work zone will remain throughout the work period. This first phase will install a bio-retention pond that will replace the bank along engineer’s way and utility services to MSE will upgraded.

NMCF is out of the MSE building. If you need anything, ask Barry (do NOT go on your own). Cut-off saws are offline through Friday. They are scheduled for set up in Thornton A012 by Friday, 7/1.

EDS and EBSD are functional.

6/23/2016 Sample prep should be fully operational as of Friday 6/24. Access to 103 will be temporarily unavailable Tuesday.
6/23/2016 Much of sample prep is now moved and nearly operational status in WDF 103. Next week more sample prep equip is being moved Thornton Hall A012 (target date: 6/30/16). 
6/21/2016 Power restored. You may access labs to continue your clean outs. If you need to do metallography you can still access Lab 111 ONLY 
6/21/2016 MSE will be without power from 6AM to 5PM. ALL power will be shut off and no access to the building. 
6/16/2016 Equipment Training during MSE move: Training is suspended during the equipment move. if undergraduate students working in your lab need to use NMCF equipment (SEM, XRD, etc.) and they have not been trained, please operate this equipment yourself (if you have been trained) and let your undergrad observe. This will give them a head start on training when Richard/Joe are available again.
6/14/2016 Prior to 6/14: Please have removed all your items in room MSE 113 (sample prep) – pick up all your chemicals and properly dispose. Tag all waste for pick-up.
6/13/2016 NMCF instrument relocation: See details for new room locations.
Relocation will last approximately one to three weeks. 
4/8/2016 Moving Instructions from EHS: Please prepare for lab shut down by June 13th. Details via EHS.