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Undergraduate: MSE minor


Undergraduate Minor in Materials Science

Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) is a field that couples basic and applied studies in physics, chemistry and mechanics on the atomistic and nanometer scales with macroscopic materials' properties. Materials science is frequently an important enabler for many other scientific and engineering disciplines. For instance, advances in communication were brought about through the utilization of ceramic fibers in fiber optic cables which minimize attenuation of light signals and transmit much more information than is possible with electrically conducting wires. Thus, advances in materials science and engineering enable the development of new technologies across engineering most disciplines.

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1. You must have a minor advisor in MSE who can help you select the best courses and sequencing.

2. You must take both of these courses:
• MSE 2090 - Intro to the Science and Engineering of Materials (3)
• MSE 3050 - Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Materials Credits (3)

3. You must take at least one of the following two courses:
• MSE 3060- Structures and Defects of Materials Credits: (3)
• MSE 3670- Materials for Electronic, Magnetic, and Optical Applications (3)

4. You must select at least two courses from the following list:
• MSE 3610 (S)** Aerospace Materials
• CHE 4449 - Polymer Chemistry and Engineering Credits: 3
• MSE 3080 - Corrosion, Batteries and Fuel Cells Credits: 3
• MSE 3101 - Materials Science Investigations Credits: 3
• MSE 4320 - Origins of Mechanical Behavior Credits: 3
• MSE 4055 - Nanoscale Science and Technology Credits: 3
• MSE 4592 - Special Topics in Materials Science Credits: 3

**cross listed as MAE 3610


MSE is a research-intensive discipline. Undergraduate students are encouraged to become involved in research through i) an independent study research project, MSE 4960, ii) senior thesis projects, iii) and financially supported undergraduate research internships during the academic year or summer.


For more information, please contact:

Prof. Jim Howe; MSE Minor Coordinator
Ms. Susan Hull; Eng. Science administrative support sh7h-at-

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