NanoScale Materials Characterization Facility



FEI FIB 200 Focused Ion Beam



Pt, SiO2 deposition sources (organic platinum, Si) Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer
Secondary Electron / Ion Imaging Cooling / Heating (77 to 700 K)
Minimum spot size ~ 10 nm
Ion current density > 10 A/cm2
Ion currents 1 pA to 10 nA
Ion energies 3 keV to 30 keV
Charge Neutralization
Depth of focus ~ 200 mm

OVERVIEW: The focused ion beam (FIB) employs rastering of a Ga+ ion beam, imaging is accomplished with either secondary electrons or secondary ions.  For milling, the high energy (30 keV) Ga+ ions are focused into spots as small as 10 nm to form pixel-by-pixel images.