NanoScale Materials Characterization Facility

Rigaku S-MAX 3000

ROOM: MSE 114 (Offline through spring 2017)

Resolution: 1-3 nm, however, SAXS measurements are superior in establishing the size, shape and degree of aggregation of nanoparticles and polymers
Equipped with a MicroMAX-007 rotating anode generator, a three-pinhole camera system and a two-dimensional multi-wire - X-ray area detector
Provides both high intensity and high resolution and capable of making highly sensitive measurements from both isotropic and anisotropic materials
Simultaneous wide angle X-ray scattering (WAXS) capability
Complete vacuum environment
Sample temperature control available
SAXS analysis software

Lamellar repeat distance: the distance from the center of one bilayer to the center of its neighbor, which includes the thickness of associated water layers.
Radius of gyration: the first moment of the scattering center distribution function
Particle size and shape: determined from Guinier's and Porod's Law
Large-scale structure and long-range order: able to calculate distances between similar structures