NanoScale Materials Characterization Facility

PANalytical X'Pert Pro MPD

scintag XRD 200ROOM: MSE 102

The PANalytical X'Pert Pro MPD (Multi Purpose Diffractometer) instrument is equipped with a Cu X-ray tube source (a Cr tube is also available) and a vertical circle theta:theta goniometer with a radius of 240 mm. This configuration keeps the stationary sample horizontal during data collection. Because the instrument utilizes a modular design, it can be quickly reconfigured to serve a wide variety of characterization needs including: X-ray reflectivity (XRR) measurements from thin films; grazing incidence angle diffraction (GIXD) for depth profiling and thin film analysi; and low resolution rocking curves and reciprocal space maps of thin films.

X-ray sources: Cu (λ Kα =1.54 Ã) and Cr ( λ Kα = 2.29 Ã) tubes
Measurement range: 5- 140 deg
Detectors: XCelerator high-speed line detector able to measure ~2.1deg 2θ of data simultaneously, which is roughly equivalent to 127 point detectors simultaneously collecting data; Proportional point detector- used mainly for thin film and texture measurements. Sample stages: (A) spinner, (B) multiple purpose sample stage (MPSS), (C) flat bracket, (D) Eulerian cradle for thin films and texture measurements.

Bruker Kappa Duo Single-Crystal CCD Diffractometer

MSE 100


APEX II CCD detector
X-ray sources: ceramic Mo tube and Cu Incoatec microsource
PC computer for data collection control and structure determination
Oxford Cryosystems 700 low temperature device
SHELXTL software

Data collection usually performed at -120oC