NanoScale Materials CharacterIzation Facility


Users need to be trained and "checked out" before they can utilize the machines solo during day and evening hours. Richard White will evaluate all users for proficiency on the specific instrument according to a predetermined checklist. This listing will be made available to users, as those proficient can train each other as well. However, all new users will have to go through a final check out with Richard, regardless of who trained

Instrument Training Time
JEOL 2000FX 4-6 Sessions (includes EDS)
Quanta 650 4 Sessions (additional training for quantitative EDS and EBSD)
Quanta LV200 1 session (previous training on the Quanta 650 FE-SEM)
Titan 4 sessions (previous training on the JEOL 2000FX includes EDS, additional training required for EELS and STEM)
Xpert XRD 3 session (hour long)
SAXS 3 session (hour long)
XCT 3 session (hour long)
Hirox 1 session
Zygo    1 session
Raman/AFM       2 sessions  (1st as a group, then individual session)


AFM/Raman Training

AFM Manual
AFM: Handling Artifacts
Force Curve Basics

Raman guide by University of Cambridge DoITPoMS (excellent training resource, worst acronym)
manual T600
manual T95 system controller
manual TS 1500
offical user guide


Helios Duel Beam FIB
XPS/XCT Training

X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS)

XPS Versaprobe Operator's Guide
XPS Baking Software Manual (Agilent pump controller)
XPS PHI MultiPakTM Software Manual

X-ray computed tomography (XCT)

Micro XCT User Guide
Porosity by XCT
Fatigue by XCT