Welcome to the Burns Research Group website! Here you will find information regarding current and upcoming research, group members, and our lab facilities.

The Burns Research Group is a member of the Center for Electrochemical Science and Engineering, which operates inside of the Materials Science and Engineering Department here at UVA. Our research is primarily directed towards investigating environmental fracture in structural metals, including ultra-high strength steels, 5xxx and 7xxx-series aluminium, and Ni-based superalloys. In particular, the group strives to understand how the environment influences the properties and performance of these structural metals.

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Recent News

  • 8/2018 – Carly Cocke joins the Burns Group as a M.S. student! Welcome to the team!!

  • 8/2018 – Zach Harris presents a talk titled, "The Effect of Loading Rate on Hydrogen Environment-Assisted Cracking Susceptibility in Monel K-500" at the 2018 DoD TCC Meeting in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

  • 7/2018 – Zach Harris' paper entitled "Elucidating the contribution of mobile hydrogen-deformation interactions on hydrogen-induced intergranular cracking in polycrystalline nickel" is accepted for publication in Acta Materialia!!

  • 7/2018 – Patrick Steiner's paper entitled "Mechanistic Studies of Intergranular Stress Corrosion Cracking in Al-Mg Alloys under Atmospheric Exposure Conditions" is accepted for publication in CORROSION!!

  • 6/2018 – Kristyn Ardrey joins the Burns Group as a Ph.D. student! Welcome to the team!!