Recent Group Activities

FDSM Conference in Hyannis, MA - 9/2018

Luke, Andrew, Zach, and Prof. Burns all traveled to Hyannis, MA for the 12th International Conference on Fatigue Damage of Structural Materials. Zach gave a talk on his and Adam's recent work looking at near-fracture surface deformation, while Luke and Andrew presented posters - all of the work was very well-received. A big highlight of the trip was visiting the island of Nantucket, where the team had some great food, walked on the beach, and checked out all the local shops. Andrew had the time of his life during the ferry ride back to Hyannis as he stood outside while a storm rolled in. The boat was rocking and rolling, but thankfully no one got seasick!!

Conferences in Europe - 5/2018

Half of the group took off for two conferences in Europe with Adam and Prof. Burns giving talks in Poitiers, France at the International Fatigue Congress, while Zach, Matt, and Keiko went to Ghent, Belgium for the SteelyHydrogen 2018 conference. All talks were well-received with Zach and Matt taking 1st and 2nd place for Best Presentation at the SteelyHydrogen conference. The group had a lot of fun checking out the historical sites and local food/drink as well as meeting with colleagues from around the world. Highlights of the Belgium trip was touring the Gravstein castle, St. Baafs Catherdral, and the conference dinner at the historical Ghent opera house. Legend has it that Prof. Burns showed up to the conference dinner in shorts (gasp!), but these claims are unsubstantiated. Most importantly, Zach and Matt managed to make through their entire trip without losing their luggage!!

Andrew and Noelle's Going Away Party - 5/2018

The group went out to Kardinall Hall to celebrate Noelle and Andrew's graduation (and Matt's successful proposal). The food and drinks were great and the Connect-4 tournament became particularly competitive with Patrick being declared group champion!

Team Hike and Dinner - 9/2017

The group hiked on a trail in Mint Springs. It was a great time for the group to hangout and relax together. During dinner at Pro Re Nata Farm Brewery, the group engaged in many intense corn hole games and Adam was able to demonstrate the proper way to catch a football to the rest of the group. Luke and Prof. Burns took home the cornhole trophy after a close final round against Matt and Patrick!

DoD-Allied Nations Technical Corrosion Conference - 8/2017

Patrick, Zach, and Prof. Burns attended the 2017 DoD-Allied Nations Technical Corrosion Conference in Birmingham, AL with a large contingent of the UVa-CESE. Prof. Burns, Zach, and Patrick each presented a talk, which were all well-received. The group had a good time checking out the local southern cuisine and catching up on the work of colleagues. We learned that Patrick's flight plans should be double checked prior to the conference as he accidentally booked the wrong day to return. Thankfully, RJ and Gilbert from CESE hadn't left yet so he was able to crash in their hotel room!

ICF Conference - 6/2017

Noelle, Matt, Zach, and Prof. Burns attended the International Conference on Fracture in Rhodes, Greece, where each gave an excellent talk. The group had an awesome time checking out the local culture and food, including some ancient ruins! A trip highlight was checking out the Old City of Rhodos, where we ate at open air cafes, looked at local crafts (where Matt bought an awesome painting!), and took tons of pictures. The conference was a great success as several collaborations were fostered and the group's talks were well-received. Zach and Matt had an eventful trip home as they were "stuck" in Rome for two days waiting for some flight issues to be sorted out - they also learned that you should pack clothes in your carry-on bag just in case unexpected issues arise! However, they made the best of it by checking out the city and sampling some authentic Italian food!

TMS Conference - 2/2017

A large fraction of the Burns Group attended the TMS Conference in beautiful San Diego...through naturally there was a torrential downpour during our visit. Noelle, Allison, Zach, Patrick, and Prof. Burns each gave a talk, which were all well-received. Noelle and Zach also presented a poster, where Noelle took home the best poster award in her category! Zach was put in the unenviable position of having to cut-off Prof. Burns due to him serving as a last-minute stand-in as session chair. Patrick learned that texting "Go Navy" (even when Noelle does it) to Prof. Burns drastically impacts the length of your Ph.D. The group had a great time checking out the breweries and restaurants of San Diego, catching up with colleagues and UVa MSE alumni, and visiting the beach and nearby Coronado!

Team Hike and Dinner - 9/2016

The group went on a hike on the Blue Ridge Parkway and Patrick discovered that bees have stingers, though Patrick claims that this was actually an honorable sacrifice for the rest of the group. We also learned that Matt should never be a tour guide. We then finished the day eating dinner at the Devil’s Backbone Brewery where Patrick then learned that it is not best to sit under the water spout during a rainstorm!

DoD-Allied Nations Technical Corrosion Conference - 11/2015

The Burns Research Group was very active at the 2015 DoD-Allied Nations Technical Corrosion Conference with Mike McMurtrey giving two talks, while Noelle Co and Zach Harris each gave one. Noelle took home the 2nd place prize in the Milton Levy Category for Corrosion Science for her poster titled "Galvanic Corrosion Induced Fatigue Crack Initiation and Propagation Behavior in AA 7050-T7451." Nice work Noelle! The group enjoyed the sights and food of downtown Pittsburgh during their stay by eating at a few local spots, including the famous Primanti Bros. and Peppi's sandwich shops!

Team Hike and Dinner - 9/2015

The group went on an awesome hike along the Moorman River in the Shenandoah National Park that featured several creek/river crossings and a few good laughs. After the hike, the group enjoyed some excellent food at Crozet's Pizza!

TMS Conference - 3/2015

The Burns Research Group was very active at TMS 2015, with Prof. Burns, Jenny Jones, and Mike McMurtrey all giving talks on their work. Noelle Co and Ryan Donahue also went to TMS, with each presenting a poster on their recent findings. Overall, the conference was a success and everyone had a great time soaking up the sun in Orlando!

Christmas Party - 12/2014

The Burns Research Group, along with Greg Pioszak, had the annual Christmas Party at Prof Gangloff's house. The food was excellent - thank you for hosting Prof. and Mrs. Gangloff!

Teambuilding Hike at Crabtree Falls - 9/2014

The group took a Friday off to explore Crabtree Falls as a teambuilding activity to kick off the new year. The hike went fairly smoothly and the group enjoyed a well-deserved break (and view) once they got to the top. Once the group returned to the bottom, we promptly made our way over to Blue Mountain Brewery in Afton for some good food! Pictures are below: