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Zachary Harris

Zachary Harris
B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Boise State University, 2014
Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering, University of Virginia, 2018.

Zach joined the Burns Group in August 2014 after completing his undergraduate work at Boise State. He came to the University of Virginia after developing a keen interest in environmentally-assisted fracture while interning at Sandia National Laboratories in CA. In the lab, Zach is working to better understand the influence of strengthening precipitate morphology on hydrogen-assisted cracking in Ni-based superalloys. This work will be used to better inform micromechanical models and provide insight into crack tip-deformation interactions in precipitation-strengthed materials. Outside of the lab, he enjoys spending time with wife, Michelle, being outdoors, playing basketball, talking with his family back in CA, and reading.