Priya Ghatwai gave a poster on her work at the MMM Conference in Chicago in January, right after successfully defending her PhD proposal.

Chris Duska presented his work in a poster at the MRS Fall Meeting, and gave a very successful presentation at the II-VI Foundation miniconference in Tucson in early November.

Jerry gave talks on Co-Pt magnetism and Ge-Mn QDs at the MRS Fall Meeting in Boston, as well as a talk on Ge-Mn at NAMBE in Stone Mountain, GA in October.

Chris Duska passed his PhD qualifiers in September. Congratulations!

Congratulations to Joseph Kassim on defending his PhD, and his new job at Intel-Oregon, beginning fall 2012.

Congratulations to Chris Petz on defending his PhD, and his new job at Micron-Boise, starting summer 2012.

Congratulations to Mehrad Mehr on earning his BS in BME and getting into graduate school in MSE at University of Florida. He has seen the light!

Congratuations to Michael O’Brien on earning his BS in MAE and his new job with HCL Technologies.

The MSE+NanoDays Open House was a big hit, with over 650 visitors. Check out the video and images on the Outreach page.

Floro group research emphasizes synthesis and structural characterization of electronic materials and materials that self-assemble on the nanoscale. We seek to grow novel materials, often metastable, that might exhibit unusual and beneficial functionalities for logic, magnetic, and thermoelectric applications.

Our synthesis capabilities include molecular beam epitaxial growth of semiconductors, and bulk metallurgical processing for metal alloys and compounds. We make extensive use of transmission electron microscopy, x-ray diffraction, and atomic force microscopy to characterize the nanoscale structure of our materials, and to deeply understand the process-structure-property relationship.

select images from our research