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  • Our undergrad researcher John Brownhill, ChE '18, has been selected as a recipient of the Arconic Fellowship for UVA Engineering Students. John has been working with Kat Gusieva on a project on filiform corrosion testing funded by PPG and has recently been working on IGC in 5XXX alloys. He will be doing an internship at Arconic this summer, and next fall will work on corrosion of additively manufactured aluminum alloy structures. Congratulations, John!
  • New student, Ryan Katona, from Lynchburg College, and Utibe-Eno Charles-Granville from Nigeria will be joining the group in this summer. Welcome, Ryan and Utibe-Eno!
  • 2016


  • Professor Kelly named 2016 recipient of the H. H. Uhlig Award from ECS!
  • May

  • New student, Chris Burns, from Central Michigan, will be joining the group in June. Welcome, Chris!
  • March

    • Piyush Kullar won 1st place, and Marybeth Parker won 2nd place in Harvey Herro Category in NACE student Poster Competition at NACE Corrosion 2016 in Vancouver, Canada. Congratulations!



  • Mary Lyn Lim defended her Ph.D. Dissertation.
  • June

  • Congratulations to the RGK Group Alum Eric Schinderlholz (UVa MSE PhD'2014) who has been selected as for the 2015 Morris Cohen Graduate Award of the Corrosion Division of the Electrochemical Society! He becomes the 7th Cohen Winner from CESE (24 awards have been given).
  • May

    • Marybeth Parker defends her Ph.D. proposal.


    • Marybeth has been elected as the GSB chair of Year 2015-2016, Congrats Marybeth!
    • Welcome new graduate students Lindsey and Colin to our group in 2015 Fall Semester!



  • Yijing (Cindy) Shi defended her Ph.D. dissertation
  • 2014






    • Prof. Kelly visits Duke University and meets with Prof. Aquino and Prof. Glass there.
    • 2015 Summer Session begins.
    • Welcome our new undergrad researchers: Stewart Hahn(ChE 2016, UVa), Srishti Shrivastava (MAE 2016, UVa), Noah Oakland (ChE 2017, Gatech), and Cameron Reynolds (MSE 2015, VT)!
    • Congratulation to Dr. Eric Schinderlholz on his graduation!



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