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The Student's Progress
This Web site offers both a VR tour of the 11-panel mural, "The Student's Progress," by Lincoln Perry, and two videos - an overview by the artist and a panel-by-panel discussion by the artist. The mural is located in the lobby of historic Old Cabell Hall.

Lincoln Perry, one of America's foremost figure artists, painted the work in the tradition of mural painting that relates to the surrounding architecture. He incorporates the architecture of the lobby in the mural and the painting itself appears contiguous with the lobby space. The landscape is the view of the mountains south of the building.

The mural was commissioned by a group of U.Va. benefactors who also raised funds for it. They include Ruth and Robert Cross, Gertrude Weber, Richard Guy Wilson and Eleanor Wilson, and Donald J. Innes and Allison Innes.

Old Cabell Hall is building 26 on the University Web Map.

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