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The McIntire Department of Music is pleased to present an Alvin Lucier festival on Friday, September 15th 2006 in Old Cabell Hall. Lucier is one of the pioneers of electronic music. His achievements in the use of physical gestures, brain waves and room acoustics have revolutionized the world of electronic music.

This festival is an Arts Enhancement Event, supported by the Provost's Office to increase the awareness of and support for the arts at the University of Virginia. For directions or more information please call the Cabell Hall Box Office at 434-924-3984.

Music on a Long Thin Wire (Installation)
Friday, September 15th, 2006 - All Day,
Lower Lawn, University of Virginia

Alvin Lucier - Thoughts on Music
Friday, September 15th, 2006, 3:30pm
107 Old Cabell Hall, University of Virginia
Co-Sponsored by the UVA School of Architecture

Alvin Lucier & Friends
Presented by the New Music Ensemble
Friday, September 15th, 2006, 8pm
Old Cabell Hall, University of Virginia

Classic and new concert works by American music pioneer, Alvin Lucier, plus new compostions by UVA faculty and graduates inspired by his musical poetics.

About Lucier:

Originally from Nashua, New Hampshire, Lucier taught at Brandeis University for eight years, where he conducted the Chamber Chorus. He currently teaches at Wesleyan University, where he has been for 36 years. His works have been performed by groups such as the Hilversum Radio Orchestra and the Tehran Symphony Orchestra.

Music has taken Mr. Lucier around the world. His works have debuted at the Abiko Festival in Tokyo and the Time Of Music Festival in Vitaasari, Finland. He has performed everywhere from New York to Bombay. Over the years, has written for theater, television and film. Mr. Lucier has composed pieces for solo vocalists, small ensembles and orchestras. He has received global praise for his original work with electronic instrumentation.

Lucier's installations explore the properties of sound and space. His installation "Music On A Long Thin Wire" used the properties of magnets and wire oscillations to create tones from a long piano wire strung across a room. In his "Music for Solo Performer," Lucier amplified his brain waves by attaching himself to electrodes connected to loudspeakers. In "I am sitting in a room," he recorded and played back his voice repeatedly until wave interference turned his distinct words into unintelligible harmonies. "Music On A Long Thin Wire" will be performed in front of Old Cabell Hall, outdoors on the historic Lawn.

With works entitled "Fruits and Vegetables," "Heavier Than Air," and "Sound On Paper," Mr. Lucier has truly challenged the conventions of human interaction with acoustics. He has had a long and productive relationship with the music world, and his enthusiasm for his work shines through. The Music Department is glad to welcome such a committed and unique artist.

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Colloquium, 3:30pm Old Cabell Hall

Alvin Lucier: Thoughts on Music

Installation, UVA Lawn

Music on a Long Thin Wire (1977)

sound installation for audio oscillator and electronic monochord
Installed on Jefferson's UVA Lawn

Concert Program, 8pm Old Cabell Concert Hall

Alvin Lucier

Wind Shadows (1994), c. 17'
for trombone with closely tuned pure wave oscillators two sine tones
Haim Avitsur, trombone

Ted Coffey

Lower Music (2006), c. 6'
for 36 Hz ceramic tube, readymade instruments & 4-channel tape
Ted Coffey and Nathan Lynch, performers

Alvin Lucier

Bird and Person Dyning (1975), c. 15'
for performer with microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers and electronic birdcall
Alvin Lucier, performer

Troy Rogers

Ascension Study (2006), c. 5'
for distance sensors, lights, and digital audio
Troy Rogers, performer


Peter Traub

Ground Loops (2005), c. 10'
for solo percussion and internet feedback
Michael Schutz, percussion

Alvin Lucier

Music for Solo Performer (1965), c. 15'
for enormously amplified brainwaves and percussion
Alvin Lucier, performer

Matthew Burtner

Aes/Aer (2005), c. 10'
for trombone, resonant metals and computer sound
Haim Avitsur, trombone

Alvin Lucier

Music for Piano with Amplified Sonorous Vessels (1991), c. 10'
for piano and amplified sonorous vessels
Aurie Hsu, piano; ceramic vessels, Rebekah Wostrel

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