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David Liebman

On Thursday, February 21st, world-renowned saxophonist, David Liebman, begins a residency in the University's McIntire Department of Music, culminating in a guest artist concert with the UVA Jazz Ensemble, on Saturday, February 23rd, in Old Cabell Hall. Liebman has been a protean figure on the international jazz scene since the early seventies, when he toured, worldwide with John Coltrane's drummer, Elvin Jones. After two years with this historic group Miles Davis hired Liebman. During the years 1970-74, Liebman solidified his identity as a great saxophonist and improvisor, recording artist, composer, and sideman with the masters of the genre. He has been a constant international presence as a prolific recording artist on his own, and other people's, albums and CDs, a probing intellect on the leading edge of modern music, and a socially conscious musician. Born in Brooklyn, NY, Liebman was inspired to seriously pursue the art of jazz when, as a teenager, he heard live performances by John Coltrane. His understanding of the inter-dependence of musicians has led him to form artists' collectives and connections, worldwide. Most recently, he has created the International Association of Schools of Jazz (IASJ) which serves to connect jazz students around the world.

Downbeat Magazine - "Liebman is one of the most important saxophonists in contemporary music...a leader and artist of integrity and independent action."

Jazz Ensemble Spring 2008 The UVA Jazz Ensemble, under the direction of trumpeter John D'earth, is preparing the Liebman concert, New York style, in under a month. "We had an excellent concert right before break, with lots of time to prepare," D'earth says. "We were pretty much scaling new heights. This concert with Dave Liebman will be like some of the projects we used to do in NY: everybody just rolls up the sleeves and makes it happen, now!"

Liebman and D'earth have a long history together. They played in Bob Moses' large ensembles through the seventies and into the eighties, appearing together on an historic recording, Moses' Bittersuite in the Ozone, (Grammavision) which garnered five stars in Downbeat Magazine, and continues to be famous for its groundbreaking legacy. Most recently they recorded together in 2006 on Turkish drummer Emre Katari's debut CD, Origin, (Ree Jazz).

David Liebman, Soprano Saxophone

D'earth has directed the UVA Jazz Ensemble for many years and this is the second time he has invited Liebman to be a guest artist. "We're expanding the concept of the Guest Artist concert on this one," says D'earth. "When Dave visited, many years ago, we had one rehearsal with him, a master class, and the concert. This time, he'll be here for three days, interacting with our students, visiting classes, and sharing musical ideas, as well as very powerful ideas about the function, and functioning, of artists in a global society. Musically and socially he takes direct action, as in the founding of his IASJ, which I think will have great relevance to our own advanced students. The McIntire Department of Music has been expanding its residency program to allow all manner of guest artists and scholars to participate in the daily life of the music students and faculty, here, greatly enriching our involvement with this art form."

The concert will feature some of Liebman's compositions from his recent, highly acclaimed, big band CD, Beyond the Line, (Omni-Tone). A different writer arranges each track. The sound is unique, in big band music, drawing on a multitude of sources; in pieces like Carissima, and Pablo's Story, the traditions of jazz are coupled with a deep awareness of world music from all parts of the planet. Because Coltrane was the original inspiration for Liebman's musical journey, the Jazz Ensemble will be also be performing several Coltrane compositions that have been arranged for Liebman by arrangers from around the world, such as Mr. Syms, Dear Lord, Miles' Mode, and Big Nick.

There will be a masterclass with David Liebman, free and open to the public, at 1:00 pm on Saturday, February 23rd, in Old Cabell Hall, room B18. The concert is at 8:00 PM on Saturday, February 23rd in Old Cabell Auditorium. Tickets for the concert can be purchased from the Cabell Hall Box Office at 434.924.3984. Tickets are $10 for the general public, $5 for students and 5ARTS$ for UVA students. Doors open at 7:15pm.

David Liebman

Residency Events

open to the public

David Liebman Master Class

  • Saturday, February 23rd
  • 1:00 pm
  • Old Cabell Hall Room B018
  • Free
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