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Yasushi Akashi (GSAS 1956)
undersecretary-general for humanitarian affairs and emergency relief coordinator, United Nations
George F. Allen (CLAS 1974, LAW 1977)
former U.S. senator for Virginia, former governor of Virginia
Alben W. Barkley (Attended 1898)
former vice president under Harry S. Truman, former U.S. senator from Kentucky
Birch Evans "Evan" Bayh III (LAW 1982)
former U.S. senator for Indiana, former governor of Indiana
Christopher S. Bond (LAW 1963)
former U.S. senator for Missouri, former governor of Missouri
Alan Stephenson Boyd (LAW 1948)
former U.S. secretary of transportation
John Bridgeland (LAW 1987)
president and CEO, Civic Enterprises, former assistant to President George W. Bush.
Harry F. Byrd Jr. (LAW 1935)
former U.S. senator for Virginia
Millard F. Caldwell (LAW 1922)
former governor of Florida, former U.S. Congressman for Florida
Mortimer M. Caplin (CLAS 1937, LAW 1940)
former commissioner of internal revenue
John Cornyn (LAW 1995)
U.S senator for Texas
Ken Cuccinelli (SEAS 1991)
former attorney general of Virginia
Lt. Gen. David A. Deptula (CLAS 1943, GSAS 1976)
former deputy chief of staff for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, U.S. Air Force
Mary DeRosa (CLAS 1981)
former deputy counsel to President Obama for national security affairs
Hasjim Djalal (GSAS 1959)
former Indonesian diplomat
J. Randy Forbes (LAW 1977)
U.S. congressman, Virginia's Fourth District
Luis Fortuño (LAW 1985)
former governor of Puerto Rico
Julia Gibbons (CLAS 1975)
judge, U.S. Court of Appeals, Sixth Circuit
James S. "Jim" Gilmore III (CLAS 1971, LAW 1977)
former governor of Virginia, former chair of the Republican National Committee
John Gleeson (LAW 1980)
judge, U.S District Court, Eastern District of New York
Jeannie Hong (CLAS 1988)
associate judge, Baltimore City Circuit Court, 8th Judicial Circuit
Robert L. Hutchings (CLAS 1979)
former chair, National Intelligence Council
Elaine R. Jones (LAW 1970)
former president and director-counsel, NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund
Brereton C. Jones (COMM 1961)
former governor of Kentucky
Edward M. "Ted" Kennedy (LAW 1959)
former U.S. senator for Massachusetts
Robert F. Kennedy (LAW 1951)
former U.S. senator for New York, former U.S. attorney general
Angus S. King Jr. (LAW 1969)
former U.S. senator for Maine, former governor of Maine
Thurgood Marshall Jr. (CLAS 1978)
former assistant to President Clinton and secretary to the cabinet
John Singleton Mosby (Attended 1853)
former U.S. Counsel to Hong Kong, cavalry commander, Confederate States Army
Robert S. Mueller III (LAW 1973)
former director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation
Janet Napolitano (LAW 1983)
former secretary of Homeland Security, former governor of Arizona
John Nau (CLAS 1968)
former chair of the National Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
Bill Nelson (LAW 1968)
U.S. senator for Florida, astronaut
Rebecca W. Rimel (NURS 1973)
president, Pew Charitable Trusts
Charles S. "Chuck" Robb (LAW 1973)
former U.S. senator for Virginia, former governor of Virginia, former chair of the Iraq Intelligence Commission
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Jr. (LAW 1940)
former U.S. congressman for New York
Larry J. Sabato (CLAS 1974)
Director and founder of the Center for Politics, author
Marshall Clement "Mark" Sanford (DARD 1988)
former governor of South Carolina, former U.S. congressman, South Carolina's 1st District
Hugh D. Scott (LAW 1922)
former U.S. senator for Pennsylvania
John Snow (GSAS 1966)
former U.S. secretary of the treasury
William B. Spong Jr. (LAW 1947)
former U.S. senator for Virginia
John C. Stennis (LAW 1927)
former U.S. senator for Mississippi
Alexander Hugh Holmes Stuart (CLAS 1928)
former U.S. secretary of the interior
John V. Tunney (LAW 1959)
former U.S. senator for California
John Warner (LAW 1953)
former U.S. senator for Virginia
Lowell P. Weicker Jr. (LAW 1958)
former governor of Connecticut, former U.S. senator for Connecticut
Woodrow Wilson (Attended 1879)
28th president of the United States, Nobel laureate


Alison H. Abraham (DARD 1988)
former president, Lifeminders, Inc.; former COO, iVillage, Inc.
Eric C. Anderson (SEAS 1996)
co-founder and chair, Space Adventures
Frank Batten Sr. (CLAS 1950)
former chair and CEO, Landmark Communications Inc.; benefactor, U.Va. Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy
James A. Bear Jr. (CLAS 1943, GSAS 1952)
former director of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation
David T. Beers (CLAS 1975)
special adviser to the governor of the Bank of Canada
Alfred R. Berkeley III (CLAS 1966)
former president and vice chair, NASDAQ
Shelby Bonnie (COMM 1986)
former CEO, co-founder, CNET Inc.
Daryl Brewster (CLAS 1979)
former president and CEO, Krispy Kreme
Charles L. Brown (SEAS 1943)
former president and CEO of AT&T; former Member, University of Virginia Board of Visitors
George David (DARD 1967)
former chair & CEO, United Technologies Corp.
C. Thomas Faulders III (CLAS 1971)
former chair and CEO, LCC International, Inc., president and CEO of the University Alumni Association.
Maria C. Freire (GSAS 1981)
president, Foundation for the National Institutes of Health
Samuel J. Goldwyn Jr. (CLAS 1947)
founder, The Samuel Goldwyn Company and Samuel Goldwyn Films
Lisa Hamilton (COMM 1991)
vice president of external affairs, The Annie E. Casey Foundation, former president, UPS Foundation
Paul Tudor Jones (CLAS 1976)
founder, Tudor Investment Corp.
Martin Killgallon (DARD 1972)
president, Ohio Art Company
Timothy Koogle (SEAS 1973)
former president and CEO, Yahoo Inc.
H. Eugene Lockhart Jr. (SEAS 1972, DARD 1974)
former CEO, Master Card International; former president, Bank of America
Jonathan Mariner (COMM 1976)
executive vice president of finance and CFO, Major League Baseball
Halsey M. Minor (CLAS 1987)
co-founder, CNET Inc.
Daniel Mudd (CLAS 1980)
former president and CEO, Fannie Mae
Christopher Nassetta (COMM 1984)
president and CEO, Hilton Worldwide
Michelle Nunn (CLAS 1989)
former CEO, Points of Light
Alexis Ohanian (COMM 2005)
co-founder, Reddit
Charles T. Pepper (MED 1855)
the original "Dr. Pepper"
Peter Quick (SEAS 1978)
former president, American Stock Exchange
Julie Rasmussen (CLAS 1987)
former president, Mary Kay Europe
Steven S. Reinemund (DARD 1978)
former chair and CEO, PepsiCo, Inc.
John D. "Jack" Shafer (DARD 1968)
former CEO, Dunkin' Donuts
Carl W. Smith (CLAS 1951)
founder, Amvest Corporation
Mark B. Templeton (DARD 1978)
CEO, Citrix Systems, Inc.
James W. Thomas (DARD 1979)
COO and CFO, MapQuest
William P. Utt (SEAS 1979)
CEO and president, KBR
David Verklin (CLAS 1978)
former CEO, Aegis Media Americas
Roger L. Werner Jr. (DARD 1977)
co-chair, Outdoor Channel Holdings
George T. Yates III (CLAS 1970, LAW 1973)
partner, Coudert Brothers; recipient, French Legion d'Honneur

Health Care & Medicine

S. Ward Casscells (MED 1939)
orthopedic surgeon who revolutionized sports medicine as a pioneer in arthroscopic surgery
Leonard Malis (MED 1943)
neurosurgeon; former chair of the Department of Neurosurgery, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine; pioneer of microneurosurgery
Vivian W. Pinn MD (MED 1967)
director, Office of Research on Women's Health, National Institutes of Health
Walter Reed (MED 1869)
medical pioneer whose research led to a cure for yellow fever


Robert Aldrich (CLAS 1941)
film producer, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?, The Dirty Dozen, The Longest Yard
Lewis M. Allen Jr. (CLAS 1946)
Broadway producer, Annie; film producer, Lord of the Flies
Will Anderson (CLAS 2008)
lead singer and songwriter, Parachute
Coran Capshaw (CLAS 1983)
manager, Dave Matthews Band; co-founder, ATO Records; former CEO, Musictoday LLC
Deidre Downs (CLAS 2002)
Miss America 2005
Sarah Drew (CLAS 2002)
actress, Grey's Anatomy
Tina Fey (CLAS 1992)
actress, comedian, writer and producer known for her work on Saturday Night Live and NBC's award-winning 30 Rock
Bob Gazzale (CLAS 1987)
president and CEO, American Film Institute; Emmy-nominated television producer and writer.
Jason Winston George (CLAS 1994)
actor, Sunset Beach
Ann Hould-Ward (GSAS 1978)
costume designer, Tony Award winner
Laura Ingraham (LAW 1991)
radio talk show host, author
Mark Johnson (CLAS 1971)
film producer, Rain Man, Good Morning, Vietnam, The Notebook
Jen Lilley (CLAS 2007)
Actress, Days of Our Lives
Rod MacDonald (CLAS 1970)
Stephen J. Malkmus Jr. (CLAS 1988)
indie-rock musician; former lead singer, Pavement
Benjamin McKenzie (CLAS 2001)
actor, The O.C
Andrew M. Scheinman (CLAS 1970, LAW 1973)
film producer, A Few Good Men, When Harry Met Sally, The Princess Bride; television producer, Seinfeld
Edward M. "Teddy" Sears (COMM 1999)
actor, Masters of Sex
Tom Shadyac (CLAS 1980)
film director/producer, Patch Adams, Liar Liar, The Nutty Professor, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Bruce Almighty
Melissa Stark (CLAS 1995)
reporter, ESPN, MSNBC, NBC's Today and ABC's Monday Night Football
Robert L. "Skip" Sudduth IV (GSAS 1985)
actor, Third Watch, One Life to Live, Ronin
Sean Patrick Thomas (CLAS 1992)
actor, Save the Last Dance, Courage Under Fire, Barbershop, The District
Boyd Tinsely (CLAS 1986)
violinist/mandolinist, Dave Matthews Band
Richard A. Tuggle (CLAS 1970)
screenwriter, Escape from Alcatraz, Tightrope
Dylan "Charles" Walsh (CLAS 1986)
actor, Nip/Tuck
Ann Hould Ward (CLAS 1978)
Tony Award winner for costume design, Beauty and the Beast
Stanley Winston (CLAS 1968)
Academy Award winning motion picture special effects expert, Terminator, Iron Man, Predator, Avatar
Paul J. Witt (CLAS 1963)
film producer, Three Kings, Dead Poets Society; television producer, The Golden Girls, Empty Nest, The Partidge Family

Supreme Court

Gene E. Franchini (LAW 1995)
former justice, New Mexico Supreme Court
Asher D. Grunis (LAW 1972)
president, Supreme Court of Israel
Leroy Rountree Hassell (CLAS 1977)
former chief justice, Supreme Court of Virginia
James Clark McReynolds (LAW 1884)
former associate justice, U.S. Supreme Court; former U.S. attorney general
Stanley Forman Reed (LAW 1908)
former associate justice, U.S. Supreme Court
John Charles Thomas (CLAS 1972, LAW 1975)
former justice, Supreme Court of Virginia

Science & Technology

John Backus (Attended 1942)
developer of FORTRAN, inventor of the Backus-Naur Form
Jesse W. Beams Jr. (GSAS 1925)
physicist; winner, National Medal of Science
Francis S. Collins MD, PhD (CLAS 1970)
director, National Institutes of Health, former director, National Human Genome Research Institute
Edward P. Ney (GSAS 1946)
physicist; discovered heavy cosmic ray nuclei
Ruth Patrick (GSAS 1931, GSAS 1934)
award-winning botanist and limnologist
Edward Pickels (GSAS 1933, GSAS 1935)
inventor of the vacuum ultracentrifuge
William Wulf (SEAS 1968)
computer scientist, developer of BLISS programming language


Valerie B. Ackerman (CLAS 1981)
former president Women's National Basketball Association
Jeff Agoos (COMM 1991)
former soccer player with San Jose Earthquakes, DC United, U.S. National Team; inductee, National Soccer Hall of Fame
Wyatt Allen (CLAS 2001)
Olympic gold medalist, men's rowing
Tiki Barber (COMM 1996)
former running back, New York Giants
Ronde Barber (COMM 1996)
former defensive back, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Brian Buchanan (CLAS 1995)
former MLB outfielder
Heather Burge (CLAS 1992)
former WNBA player, Sacramento Monarchs
Heidi Burge (CLAS 1993)
former WNBA player, L.A. Sparks and Washington Mystics
Chris Canty (CLAS 2004)
NFL defensive lineman, Baltimore Ravens
Rick Carlisle (CLAS 1984)
NBA head coach, Dallas Mavericks; NBA coach of the Year 2001-02
John Choma (EDU 1978)
former NFL offensive linemen, San Francisco 49ers
Mike Cubbage (EDU 1972)
Former MLB third baseman; former manager, New York Mets
Somdev Devvarman (CLAS 2008)
tennis professional
Chris Dey (CLAS 1989)
former NHL president, New York Islanders
Sean Doolittle (CLAS 2008)
MLB pitcher, Oakland Athletics
William M. "Bullet Bill" Dudley (EDU 1942)
former professional football player, Pittsburgh Steelers, Detroit Lions, Washington Redskins; inductee, Pro Football Hall of Fame
Jeffrey Eggleston (CLAS 2007)
long-distance runner
Carlton Elliott (CLAS 1951)
former NFL defensive lineman, Green Bay Packers
Paul Ereng (CLAS 1993)
Olympic gold medalist, track and field
Alecko Eskandarian (CLAS 2011)
former MLS soccer player, Los Angeles Galaxy; assistant coach, New York Cosmos
Mustapha Farrakhan Jr. (CLAS 2011)
NBL basketball player, Melbourne Tigers; former NBA basketball player
D'Brickashaw Ferguson (CLAS 2005)
NFL offensive lineman, New York Jets
Tim Finchem (LAW 1973)
commissioner, PGA Tour
Harrison Fitzgerald Flippin (CLAS 1931, MED 1933)
national pentathlon champion, former medical director, NFL
Jim Grobe (EDU 1975)
former head coach, Wake Forest University football team
Albert "Al" Groh (COMM 1966)
former head coach, University of Virginia Football; former head coach, New York Jets
Brandon Guyer (CLAS 2008)
MLB outfielder, Tampa Bay Rays
John Harkes (CLAS 1989)
former soccer player, English Premier League; member, National Soccer Hall of Fame
Thomas Jones (CLAS 1999)
former running back, New York Jets, Arizona Cardinals, Chicago Bears, Kansas City Chiefs
Melanie Kok (CLAS 2007)
Olympic silver medalist, women's lightweight double sculls
Bowie Kuhn (LAW 1950)
former commissioner, Major League Baseball
Noel LaMontagne (CLAS 1999)
former NFL offensive linemen, Cleveland Browns
Jeff Lamp (CLAS 1985)
former NBA basketball player
Chris Long (CLAS 2008)
NFL defensive end, St. Louis Rams
Javier López (CLAS 2002)
MLB relief pitcher, San Francisco Giants
Wali Lundy (CLAS 2006)
former NFL running back, Houston Texans
Tom McKnight (COMM 1976)
professional golfer
Tony Meola (CLAS 1991)
former MLS and World Cup soccer player
Heath Miller (CLAS 2005)
tight end, Pittsburgh Steelers; Super Bowl winner
Eugene Monroe (CLAS 2009)
NFL offensive lineman, Jacksonville Jaguars
Herman Moore (CLAS 1991)
former NFL wide receiver, Detroit Lions
Ed Moses (EDU 2004)
Olympic gold medalist, breaststroke
Lea Ann Parsley (NURS 1992)
Olympic silver medalist, skeleton
Shamek Pietucha (CLAS 1999)
Olympic swimmer, butterfly
Sonny Randle (EDU 1959)
former head coach, University of Virginia Football; former wide receiver, Chicago and St. Louis Cardinals, San Francisco 49ers, Dallas Cowboys
Claudio Reyna (CLAS 1995)
former professional soccer player
Mark Reynolds (CLAS 2005)
MLB infielder, Milwaukee Brewers
Eppa Rixey (CLAS 1914, GSAS 1920)
former pitcher, Philadelphia Phillies, Cincinnati Reds; inductee, Baseball Hall of Fame
Ralph L. Sampson Jr. (CLAS 1983)
former NBA player, Houston Rockets, NBA all-star
Matt Schaub (CLAS 2003)
NFL quarterback, Oakland Raiders
Chris Slade (CLAS 1993)
former NFL linebacker, New England Patriots
Dawn Staley (CLAS 1992)
Olympic gold medalist, basketball; former WNBA player, Charlotte Sting, Houston Comets; WNBA all-star; inductee Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame
Melanie Valerio (CLAS 1991)
Olympic gold medalist, 400x100-meter freestyle relay
Walter "Wally" F. Walker (CLAS 1976)
former president and general manager, Seattle SuperSonics; former NBA player, Seattle SuperSonics
DeMya Walker (CLAS 1999)
WNBA basketball player
Ralph C. Wilson Jr. (CLAS 1941)
founder and former owner, Buffalo Bills
Monica Wright (CLAS 2010)
WNBA basketball player, Minnesota Lynx
Karen E. Zacharias (COMM 2001)
youngest woman to complete a marathon on seven continents
Ryan Zimmerman (CLAS 2005)
third baseman, Washington Nationals


Thomas Bachhuber (EDU 1973)
president of the board and executive director, The Center for Life Transitions
John T. Casteen III (CLAS 1937, LAW 1940)
former president, University of Virginia
Rabbi David Ellenson (GSAS 1972)
president, Hebrew Union College
Wade Hampton Frost (CLAS 1901, MED 1903)
founder and former dean, Department of Epidemiology at the Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health
Jerome P. Keuper (GSAS 1952)
founder and former president, Florida Institute of Technology

Land, Sea, & Space

Richard E. Byrd (Attended 1908)
Antarctic explorer; recipient, Medal of Honor
Patrick G. Forrester (SEAS 1989)
William F. "Bull" Halsey (Attended 1901)
former admiral, U.S. Navy
Karl G. Henize (CLAS 1947, GSAS 1948)
astronaut, astronomer
Michael Leinbach (ARCH 1976)
shuttle launch director, NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center
James McConnell (Attended 1907)
one of the original seven pilots of the Lafayette Escadrille, World War I
Leland Melvin (SEAS 1991)
astronaut, space shuttle crew member
Bill Nelson (LAW 1968)
U.S. senator for Florida; astronaut
Kathryn Cordell Thornton (GSAS 1979)
astronaut, physicist
Alexander Archer Vandegrift (CLAS 1909)
former General, U.S. Marine Corps; winner, Distinguished Service Medal, Medal of Honor
Peter J. Wisoff (CLAS 1980)
astronaut, physicist
A. Thomas Young (CLAS 1961)
former director, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

News & Media

Nancy Andrews (CLAS 1986)
award-winning photo-journalist/author; 1999 White House Photographer of the Year
Wyatt G. Andrews (CLAS 1974)
CBS news correspondent
Frederic W. Barnes Jr. (CLAS 1965)
American political commentator
E. Thayer Bigelow Jr. (DARD 1967)
former president and Executive Officer, HBO, Time Warner Cable
Margaret Brennan (CLAS 2002)
correspondent for CBS News
Whitney Casey (EDU 1997)
television journalist, author
C. Shelby Coffey III (CLAS 1968)
journalist, vice chair, Newseum
Katherine A. "Katie" Couric (CLAS 1979)
television journalist and author; co-host, NBC's Today; anchor, managing editor, CBS Evening News
Virginius Dabney (CLAS 1920)
former editor, Richmond Times-Dispatch, author, Pulitzer Prize winner
Lane DeGregory (CLAS 1989)
journalist, Pulitzer Prize winner
Kimberly Dozier (CLAS 2003)
contributing editor, The Daily Beast; former CBS News correspondent
David M. Granger (GSAS 1981)
editor-in-chief, Esquire Magazine
Rea S. Hederman (DARD 1968)
publisher, New York Review of Books
Steve Huffman (SEAS 2005)
co-founder of Reddit
Brit Hume (CLAS 1965)
American television journalist
Sara James (CLAS 1983)
correspondent, Dateline NBC
Richard Lowry (CLAS 1990)
editor, National Review
Tyler Mathisen (CLAS 1976)
managing editor, CNBC Business News; host, CNBC's High Net Worth
George P. Rodrigue III (CLAS 1978)
vice president and managing editor, The Dallas Morning News; Pulitzer Prize winner
William F. Shortz (LAW 1977)
crossword editor, The New York Times; puzzlemaster, NPR's Weekend Edition
Joan M. Stapleton (CLAS 1975)
former publisher, New Republic
Kristin van Ogtrop (CLAS 1986)
managing editor, Real Simple Magazine; former executive editor, Glamour Magazine
Michael "Mike" Vitez (CLAS 1979)
journalist, Pulitzer Prize winner
Bob Wright (LAW 1968)
former chair, NBC Universal
Vern Yip (CLAS 1990)
interior designer, television personality

Arts & Literature

Louis S. Auchincloss (LAW 1941)
attorney, novelist, historian
David Baldacci (LAW 1986)
David Berman (CLAS 1989)
Paul Bowles (Attended 1928)
author, composer
Bruce Brandfon (CLAS 1969)
vice president and publisher, Scientific American
Erskine Caldwell (Attended 1923, Attended 1926)
Michael Cogswell (CLAS 1983)
director, Louis Armstrong House and Museum; author
Claudia Emerson (CLAS 1979)
poet, Pulitzer Prize winner
Linda A. Fairstein (LAW 1972)
Lawton Fitt (DARD 1979)
former CEO, Royal Academy of Arts
Julien Green (Attended 1919)
novelist; member, Académie Française
Edward P. Jones (GSAS 1981)
novelist, Pulitzer Prize winner
N. Scott Momaday (LAW 1959)
novelist, author, Pulitzer Prize winner
Georgia O'Keeffe (Attended 1912)
Edgar Allan Poe (Attended 1826)
author, poet
Karl Shapiro (Attended 1932)
poet; editor, Prairie Schooner; Pulitzer Prize winner
Ron Suskind (CLAS 1981)
journalist, author, Pulitzer Prize winner
Henry S. Taylor (CLAS 1965)
poet, Pulitzer Prize winner

International/Foreign Affairs

Yasushi Akashi (GSAS 1956)
former under-secretary, US Office of the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Hanan Ashrawi (GSAS 1982)
Palestinian legislator; member, Palestinian Legislative Council
Fernando Simón Bolívar (Attended 1928)
former Venezuelan diplomat
William Lyons Brown Jr. (CLAS 1958)
former U.S. ambassador to Austria
Edward E. Elson (CLAS 1956)
former U.S. ambassador to Denmark
William S. Farish III (CLAS 1962)
former U.S. ambassador to the United Kingdom
Charlie Glazer (COMM 1965)
former U.S. ambassador to El Salvador
Michael Guest (GSAS 1981)
former U.S. ambassador to Romania
Wilson Nathaniel "Nat" Howell (CLAS 1961, GSAS 1965)
former U.S. ambassador to Kuwait
Alton G. Keel Jr. (SEAS 1966, SEAS 1970)
former U.S. permanent representative to NATO
Frederick E. Nolting Jr. (CLAS 1933, GSAS 1940)
former U.S. ambassador to South Vietnam
W. Robert Pearson (LAW 1968)
former U.S. ambassador to Turkey
Javier Solana (GSAS 1971)
former secretary general, NATO; former secretary general, Council of the EU
E. Ashley Wills (CLAS 1971)
former U.S. ambassador to Sri Lanka and the Maldives
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