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Notable Alumni University of Virginia

Degrees/Attendance 1830-1930



Alben W. Barkley (Attended 1898)
former vice president under Harry S. Truman, former U.S. senator from Kentucky
Millard F. Caldwell (LAW 1922)
former governor of Florida, former U.S. Congressman for Florida
John Singleton Mosby (Attended 1853)
former U.S. Counsel to Hong Kong, cavalry commander, Confederate States Army
Hugh D. Scott (LAW 1922)
former U.S. senator for Pennsylvania
John C. Stennis (LAW 1927)
former U.S. senator for Mississippi
Alexander Hugh Holmes Stuart (CLAS 1928)
former U.S. secretary of the interior
Woodrow Wilson (Attended 1879)
28th president of the United States, Nobel laureate


Charles T. Pepper (MED 1855)
the original "Dr. Pepper"

Health Care & Medicine

Walter Reed (MED 1869)
medical pioneer whose research led to a cure for yellow fever

Science & Technology

Jesse W. Beams Jr. (GSAS 1925)
physicist; winner, National Medal of Science

Supreme Court

James Clark McReynolds (LAW 1884)
former associate justice, U.S. Supreme Court; former U.S. attorney general
Stanley Forman Reed (LAW 1908)
former associate justice, U.S. Supreme Court


Eppa Rixey (CLAS 1914, GSAS 1920)
former pitcher, Philadelphia Phillies, Cincinnati Reds; inductee, Baseball Hall of Fame


Wade Hampton Frost (CLAS 1901, MED 1903)
founder and former dean, Department of Epidemiology at the Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health

Land, Sea, & Space

Richard E. Byrd (Attended 1908)
Antarctic explorer; recipient, Medal of Honor
William F. "Bull" Halsey (Attended 1901)
former admiral, U.S. Navy
James McConnell (Attended 1907)
one of the original seven pilots of the Lafayette Escadrille, World War I
Alexander Archer Vandegrift (CLAS 1909)
former General, U.S. Marine Corps; winner, Distinguished Service Medal, Medal of Honor

News & Media

Virginius Dabney (CLAS 1920)
former editor, Richmond Times-Dispatch, author, Pulitzer Prize winner

Arts & Literature

Paul Bowles (Attended 1928)
author, composer
Erskine Caldwell (Attended 1923, Attended 1926)
Julien Green (Attended 1919)
novelist; member, Académie Française
Georgia O'Keeffe (Attended 1912)
Edgar Allan Poe (Attended 1826)
author, poet

International/Foreign Affairs

Fernando Simón Bolívar (Attended 1928)
former Venezuelan diplomat
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