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Notable Alumni University of Virginia

Degrees/Attendance 1931-1950



Alan Stephenson Boyd (LAW 1948)
former U.S. secretary of transportation
Harry F. Byrd Jr. (LAW 1935)
former U.S. senator for Virginia
Mortimer M. Caplin (CLAS 1937, LAW 1940)
former commissioner of internal revenue
Lt. Gen. David A. Deptula (CLAS 1943, GSAS 1976)
former deputy chief of staff for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, U.S. Air Force
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Jr. (LAW 1940)
former U.S. congressman for New York
William B. Spong Jr. (LAW 1947)
former U.S. senator for Virginia


Frank Batten Sr. (CLAS 1950)
former chair and CEO, Landmark Communications Inc.; benefactor, U.Va. Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy
James A. Bear Jr. (CLAS 1943, GSAS 1952)
former director of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation
Charles L. Brown (SEAS 1943)
former president and CEO of AT&T; former Member, University of Virginia Board of Visitors
Samuel J. Goldwyn Jr. (CLAS 1947)
founder, The Samuel Goldwyn Company and Samuel Goldwyn Films

Health Care & Medicine

S. Ward Casscells (MED 1939)
orthopedic surgeon who revolutionized sports medicine as a pioneer in arthroscopic surgery
Leonard Malis (MED 1943)
neurosurgeon; former chair of the Department of Neurosurgery, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine; pioneer of microneurosurgery


Robert Aldrich (CLAS 1941)
film producer, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?, The Dirty Dozen, The Longest Yard
Lewis M. Allen Jr. (CLAS 1946)
Broadway producer, Annie; film producer, Lord of the Flies

Science & Technology

John Backus (Attended 1942)
developer of FORTRAN, inventor of the Backus-Naur Form
Edward P. Ney (GSAS 1946)
physicist; discovered heavy cosmic ray nuclei
Ruth Patrick (GSAS 1931, GSAS 1934)
award-winning botanist and limnologist
Edward Pickels (GSAS 1933, GSAS 1935)
inventor of the vacuum ultracentrifuge


William M. "Bullet Bill" Dudley (EDU 1942)
former professional football player, Pittsburgh Steelers, Detroit Lions, Washington Redskins; inductee, Pro Football Hall of Fame
Harrison Fitzgerald Flippin (CLAS 1931, MED 1933)
national pentathlon champion, former medical director, NFL
Bowie Kuhn (LAW 1950)
former commissioner, Major League Baseball
Ralph C. Wilson Jr. (CLAS 1941)
founder and former owner, Buffalo Bills

Land, Sea & Space

Karl G. Henize (CLAS 1947, GSAS 1948)
astronaut, astronomer

Arts & Literature

Louis S. Auchincloss (LAW 1941)
attorney, novelist, historian
Karl Shapiro (Attended 1932)
poet; editor, Prairie Schooner; Pulitzer Prize winner

International/Foreign Affairs

Frederick E. Nolting Jr. (CLAS 1933, GSAS 1940)
former U.S. ambassador to South Vietnam
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