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Notable Alumni University of Virginia

Degrees/Attendance 1951-1970



Christopher S. Bond (LAW '63)
former U.S. senator for Missouri, former governor of Missouri
Elaine R. Jones (LAW '70)
former president and director-counsel, NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund
Brereton C. Jones (COMM '61)
former governor of Kentucky
Edward M. "Ted" Kennedy (LAW '59)
former U.S. senator for Massachusetts
Robert F. Kennedy (LAW '51)
former U.S. senator for New York, former U.S. attorney general
Author S. King Jr. (LAW '69)
former U.S. senator for Maine, former governor of Maine
John Nau (CLAS '68)
former chair of the National Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
Bill Nelson (LAW '68)
U.S. senator for Florida, astronaut
John Snow (GSAS '66)
former U.S. secretary of the treasury
John V. Tunney (LAW '59)
former U.S. senator for California
Lowell Weicker (LAW '58)
former U.S senator for Connecticut, former governor of Connecticut


James A. Bear Jr. (CLAS '43, GSAS '52)
former director of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation
Alfred R. Berkeley III (CLAS '66)
former president and vice chair, NASDAQ
George David (DARD '67)
former chair & CEO, United Technologies Corp.
Carl W. Smith (CLAS '51)
founder, Amvest Corporation
George T. Yates III (CLAS '70, LAW '73)
partner, Coudert Brothers; recipient, French Legion d'Honneur

Health Care & Medicine

Vivian W. Pinn MD (MED '67)
director, Office of Research on Women's Health, National Institutes of Health


Andrew M. Scheinman (CLAS '70, LAW '73)
film producer, A Few Good Men, When Harry Met Sally, The Princess Bride; television producer, Seinfeld
Richard A. Tuggle (CLAS '70)
screenwriter, Escape from Alcatraz, Tightrope
Stanley Winston (CLAS '68)
Academy Award winning motion picture special effects expert, Terminator, Iron Man, Predator, Avatar
Paul J. Witt (CLAS '63)
film producer, Three Kings, Dead Poets Society; television producer, The Golden Girls, Empty Nest, The Partidge Family

Science & Technology

Francis S. Collins MD, PhD (CLAS '70)
director, National Institutes of Health, former director, National Human Genome Research Institute


Albert (Al) Groh (COMM '66)
former head coach, University of Virginia Football; former head coach, New York Jets
Sonny Randle (EDU '59)
former head coach, University of Virginia Football; former wide receiver, Chicago and St. Louis Cardinals, San Francisco 49ers, Dallas Cowboys


John T. Casteen III (CLAS '65, GSAS '66, GSAS '70)
former president, University of Virginia
Jerome P. Keuper (GSAS '52)
founder and former president, Florida Institute of Technology

Land, Sea, & Space

Bill Nelson (LAW '68)
U.S. senator for Florida; astronaut
A. Thomas Young (CLAS '61)
former director, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

News & Media

Frederic W. Barnes Jr. (CLAS '65)
American political commentator
E. Thayer Bigelow Jr. (DARD '67)
former president and executive officer, HBO, Time Warner Cable
C. Shelby Coffey III (CLAS '68)
journalist, vice chair, Newseum
Brit Hume (CLAS '65)
American television journalist
Bob Wright (LAW '68)
former chair, NBC Universal

Arts & Literature

Bruce Brandfon (CLAS '69)
vice president and publisher, Scientific American
N. Scott Momaday (LAW '59)
novelist, author, Pulitzer Prize winner
Henry S. Taylor (CLAS '65)
poet, Pulitzer Prize winner

International/Foreign Affairs

Yasushi Akashi (GSAS '56)
former under-secretary, U.S. Office of the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
William Lyons Brown Jr. (CLAS '58)
former U.S. ambassador to Austria
Edward E. Elson (CLAS '56)
former U.S. ambassador to Denmark
William S. Farish III (CLAS '62)
former U.S. ambassador to the United Kingdom
Charlie Glazer (COMM '65)
former U.S. ambassador to El Salvador
Wilson Nathaniel "Nat" Howell (CLAS '61, GSAS '65)
former U.S. ambassador to Kuwait
Alton G. Keel Jr. (SEAS '66, SEAS '70)
former U.S. permanent representative to NATO
W. Robert Pearson (LAW '68)
former U.S. ambassador to Turkey
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