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Notable Alumni University of Virginia

College of Arts & Sciences



George F. Allen (CLAS '74, LAW '77)
former U.S. senator from Virginia, former governor of Virginia
Mortimer M. Caplin (CLAS '37, LAW '40)
former commissioner of internal revenue
Lt. Gen. David A. Deptula (CLAS '43, GSAS '76)
former deputy chief of staff for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, U.S. Air Force
Julia Gibbons (CLAS '75)
judge, U.S. Court of Appeals, Sixth Circuit
James S. "Jim" Gilmore III (CLAS '71, LAW '77)
former governor of Virginia, former chair of the Republican National Committee
Jeannie Hong (CLAS '88)
associate judge, Baltimore City Circuit Court, 8th Judicial Circuit
Robert L. Hutchings (CLAS '79)
former chair, National Intelligence Council
John Nau (CLAS '68)
former chair of the National Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
Larry J. Sabato (CLAS '74)
director and founder of the Center for Politics, author
Alexander Hugh Holmes Stuart (CLAS '28)
former U.S. Secretary of the Interior


Frank Batten Sr. (CLAS '50)
former chair and CEO, Landmark Communications Inc.; benefactor, U.Va. Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy
James A. Bear Jr. (CLAS '43, GSAS '52)
former director of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation
Alfred R. Berkeley III (CLAS '66)
former president and vice chair, NASDAQ
Daryl Brewster (CLAS '79)
former president and CEO, Krispy Kreme
U Bertram Ellis Jr. (CLAS '75, DARD '79)
chairman & CEO, iXL Enterprises
C. Thomas Faulders III (CLAS '71)
former chair and CEO, LCC International, Inc., president and CEO of the University Alumni Association.
Samuel J. Goldwyn Jr. (CLAS '47)
founder, The Samuel Goldwyn Company and Samuel Goldwyn Films
Paul Tudor Jones (CLAS '76)
founder, Tudor Investment Corp.
Halsey M. Minor (CLAS '87)
co-founder, CNET Inc.
Julie Rasmussen (CLAS '87)
former president, Mary Kay Europe
Carl W. Smith (CLAS '51)
founder, Amvest Corporation
David Verklin (CLAS '78)
former CEO, Aegis Media Americas
George T. Yates III (CLAS '70, LAW '73)
partner, Coudert Brothers; recipient, French Legion d'Honneur


Robert Aldrich (CLAS '41)
film producer, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?, The Dirty Dozen, The Longest Yard
Lewis M. Allen Jr. (CLAS '46)
Broadway producer, Annie; film producer, Lord of the Flies
Coran Capshaw (CLAS '83)
manager, Dave Matthews Band; co-founder, ATO Records; former CEO, Musictoday LLC
Deidre Downs (CLAS '02)
Miss America 2005
Tina Fey (CLAS '92)
actress, comedian, writer and producer known for her work on Saturday Night Live and NBC's award-winning 30 Rock
Bob Gazzale (CLAS '87)
president and CEO, American Film Institute; Emmy-nominated television producer and writer
Mark Johnson (CLAS '71)
film producer, Rain Man, Good Morning, Vietnam, The Notebook
Stephen J. Malkmus Jr. (CLAS '88)
indie-rock musician; former lead singer, Pavement
Benjamin McKenzie (CLAS '01)
actor, The O.C
Andrew M. Scheinman (CLAS '70, LAW '73)
film producer, A Few Good Men, When Harry Met Sally, The Princess Bride; television producer, Seinfeld
Tom Shadyac (CLAS '80)
film director/producer, Patch Adams, Liar Liar, The Nutty Professor, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Bruce Almighty
Melissa Stark (CLAS '95)
reporter, ESPN, MSNBC, NBC's Today and ABC's Monday Night Football
Sean Patrick Thomas (CLAS '92)
actor, Save the Last Dance, Courage Under Fire, Barbershop, The District
Richard A. Tuggle (CLAS '70)
screenwriter, Escape from Alcatraz, Tightrope
Dylan (Charles) Walsh (CLAS '86)
actor, Nip/Tuck
Ann Hould Ward (CLAS '78)
Tony Award winner for costume design, Beauty and the Beast
Stanley Winston (CLAS '68)
Academy Award winning motion picture special effects expert, Terminator, Iron Man, Predator, Avatar
Paul J. Witt (CLAS '63)
film producer, Three Kings, Dead Poets Society; Television Producer, The Golden Girls, Empty Nest, The Partidge Family

Supreme Court

Leroy Rountree Hassell (CLAS '77)
former chief justice, Supreme Court of Virginia
John Charles Thomas (CLAS '72, LAW '75)
former justice, Supreme Court of Virginia

Science & Technology

Francis S. Collins MD, PhD (CLAS '70)
director, National Institutes of Health, former director, National Human Genome Research Institute


Valerie B. Ackerman (CLAS '81)
former president Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA)
Wyatt Allen (CLAS '01)
Olympic gold medalist, men's rowing
Heather Burge (CLAS '93)
former WNBA player, Sacramento Monarchs
Heidi Burge (CLAS '93)
former WNBA player, L.A. Sparks and Washington Mystics
Rick Carlisle (CLAS '84)
NBA head coach, Dallas Mavericks; NBA coach of the Year 2001-02
Paul Ereng (CLAS '93)
Olympic gold medalist in track and field
Harrison Fitzgerald Flippin (CLAS '31, MED '33)
national pentathlon champion, former medical director, NFL
Thomas Jones (CLAS '99)
former running back, New York Jets, Arizona Cardinals, Chicago Bears, Kansas City Chiefs
Heath Miller (CLAS '05)
tight end, Pittsburgh Steelers; Super Bowl winner
Eppa Rixey (CLAS 1914, GSAS '20)
former pitcher, Philadelphia Phillies, Cincinnati Reds; inductee, Baseball Hall of Fame
Ralph L. Sampson Jr. (CLAS '83)
former NBA player, Houston Rockets, NBA all-star
Dawn Staley (CLAS '92)
Olympic gold medalist in basketball; former WNBA player, Charlotte Sting, Houston Comets; WNBA all-star; inductee Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame
Melanie Valerio (CLAS '91)
Olympic gold medalist, 400x100-meter freestyle relay
Walter "Wally" F. Walker (CLAS '76)
former president and General manager, Seattle SuperSonics; former NBA player, Seattle SuperSonics
Ryan Zimmerman (CLAS '05)
third baseman, Washington Nationals


John T. Casteen III (CLAS '65, GSAS '66, GSAS '70)
former president, University of Virginia
Wade Hampton Frost (CLAS 1901, MED 1903)
founder and former dean, Department of Epidemiology at the Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health

Land, Sea, & Space

Alexander Archer Vandegrift (CLAS 1909)
former general, U.S. Marine Corps; winner, Distinguished Service Medal, Medal of Honor
Peter J. Wisoff (CLAS '80)
astronaut, physicist
A. Thomas Young (CLAS '61)
former director, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

News & Media

Nancy Andrews (CLAS '86)
award-winning photo-journalist/author; 1999 White House Photographer of the Year
Wyatt G. Andrews (CLAS '74)
CBS news correspondent
Frederic W. Barnes Jr. (CLAS '65)
American political commentator
C. Shelby Coffey III (CLAS '68)
journalist, vice chair, Newseum
Katherine A. "Katie" Couric (CLAS '79)
television journalist and author; Co-Host, NBC's Today; Anchor, managing editor, CBS Evening News
Kimberly Dozier (CLAS '03)
contributing editor, The Daily Beast; former CBS News correspondent
Brit Hume (CLAS '65)
American television journalist
Sara James (CLAS '83)
correspondent, Dateline NBC
Richard Lowry (CLAS '90)
correspondent, Dateline NBC
Tyler Mathisen (CLAS '76)
managing editor, CNBC Business News; host, CNBC's High Net Worth
George P. Rodrigue III (CLAS '78)
vice president and managing editor, The Dallas Morning News; Pulitzer Prize winner
Joan M. Stapleton (CLAS '75)
former publisher, New Republic
Kristin van Ogtrop (CLAS '86)
managing editor, Real Simple Magazine; former executive editor, Glamour Magazine

Arts & Literature

David Berman (CLAS '89)
Bruce Brandfon (CLAS '69)
vice president and publisher, Scientific American
Michael Cogswell (CLAS '83)
director, Louis Armstrong House and Museum; author
Claudia Emerson (CLAS '79)
poet, Pulitzer Price winner
Ron Suskind (CLAS '81)
journalist, author, Pulitzer Prize winner
Henry S. Taylor (CLAS '65)
poet, Pulitzer Prize winner

International/Foreign Affairs

William Lyons Brown Jr. (CLAS '58)
former U.S. ambassador to Austria
Edward E. Elson (CLAS '56)
former ambassador to Denmark
William S. Farish III (CLAS '62)
former U.S. ambassador to the United Kingdom
Wilson Nathaniel "Nat" Howell (CLAS '61, GSAS '65)
former U.S. ambassador to Kuwait
Frederick E. Nolting Jr. (CLAS '33, GSAS '40, GSAS '42)
former U.S. ambassador to South Vietnam
E. Ashley Wills (CLAS '71)
former U.S. ambassador to Sri Lanka and the Maldives
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