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Notable Alumni University of Virginia

Graduate School of Arts & Sciences



Lt. Gen. David A. Deptua (CLAS '43, GSAS '76)
Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
John Snow (GSAS '66)
U.S. Secretary of the Treasury


James A. Bear Jr. (CLAS '43, GSAS '52)
Former Director, Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation
Maria C. Freire (GSAS '81)
President and CEO, Global Alliance for TB Drug Development


Robert (Skipp) L. Sudduth IV (GSAS '85)
Starred in Third Watch, an NBC television series, for six seasons, had roles in several films, and has stared on Broadway.

Science & Technology

Jesse W. Beams Jr. (GSAS '25)
World-renowned physicist
Ruth Patrick (GSAS '31, GSAS '34)
Leading biologist, first woman to chair board of Academy of Natural Sciences
Edward Pickels (GSAS '33, GSAS '35)
Inventor of the analytical ultracentrifuge


Eppa Rixey (CLAS 1914, GSAS '20)
Inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame


John T. Casteen III (CLAS '65, GSAS '66, GSAS '70)
President, University of Virginia
Rabbi David Ellenson (GSAS '72)
President, Hebrew Union College
Jerome P. Keuper (GSAS '52)
Founder and President Emeritus of Florida Institute of Technology

Land, Sea, & Space

Karl Heinze (CLAS '47, GSAS '48)
Astronaut, flew on mission aboard the Challenger space shuttle in 1985.
Kathryn Cordell Thornton (GSAS '79)
Astronaut, flew on several missions aboard the Discovery (1989) and Endeavour (1992, 1993) space shuttles.

Arts & Literature

Edward P. Jones (GSAS '81)
Pulitzer Prize winning novelist, The Known World

International/Foreign Affairs

Yasushi Akashi (GSAS '56)
Former undersecretary, US Office of the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.
Hanan Ashrawi (GSAS '82)
Founder and Secretary General of the Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy.
Michael Guest (GSAS '81)
Former U.S. Ambassador to Romania
W. Nathaniel Howell (CLAS '61, GSAS '65)
Former U.S. Ambassador to Kuwait
Frederick E. Nolting Jr. (CLAS '33, GSAS '40, GSAS '42)
Former Ambassador to South Vietnam
Javier Solana (GSAS '71)
Former Secretary General of NATO (1995-1999), current Secretary General of the Council of the EU.
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