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Notable Alumni University of Virginia

School of Law



George F. Allen (CLAS '74, LAW '77)
former U.S. Senator from Virginia, former Governor of Virginia
Birch Evans "Evan" Bayh III (LAW '82)
former U.S. Senator from Indiana, former Governor of Indiana
Christopher S. Bond (LAW '63)
former U.S. Senator for Missouri, former Governor of Missouri
John Bridgeland (LAW '87)
President and CEO Civic Enterprises, former Assistant to the President under George W. Bush.
Mortimer M. Caplin (CLAS '37, LAW '40)
former Commissioner of Internal Revenue
John Cornyn (LAW '95)
U.S Senator for Texas
J. Randy Forbes (LAW '77)
U.S. Congressman, Virginia's Fourth District
James S. "Jim" Gilmore III (CLAS '71, LAW '77)
former Governor of Virginia, former Chair of the Republican National Committee
John Gleeson (LAW '80)
Judge, U.S District Court, Eastern District of New York, Prosecutor John Gotti Trial.
Elaine R. Jones (LAW '70)
former President and Director-Counsel, NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund
Edward M. "Ted" Kennedy (LAW '59)
former U.S. Senator for Massachusetts
Robert F. Kennedy (LAW '51)
former U.S. Senator for New York, former U.S. Attorney General
Angus S. King Jr. (LAW '69)
former U.S. Senator for Maine, former Governor of Maine
Robert S. Mueller III (LAW '73)
former Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation
Janet Napolitano (LAW '83)
former Secretary of Homeland Security, former Governor of Arizona
Bill Nelson (LAW '68)
U.S. Senator for Florida, Astronaut
Charles S. Robb (LAW '73)
former U.S. Senator for Virginia, former Governor of Virginia, former Chair of the Iraq Intelligence Commission
Hugh D. Scott (LAW '22)
former U.S. Senator for Pennsylvania
John C. Stennis (LAW '27)
former U.S. Senator for Mississippi
John V. Tunney (LAW '59)
former U.S. Senator for California
Lowell Weicker (LAW '58)
former U.S Senator for Connecticut, former Governor of Connecticut


George T. Yates III (CLAS '70, LAW '73)
Partner, Coudert Brothers; Recipient, French Legion d'Honneur


Laura Ingraham (LAW '91)
radio talk show host, best-selling author
Andrew M. Scheinman (CLAS '70, LAW '73)
Film Producer, A Few Good Men, When Harry Met Sally, The Princess Bride; Television Producer, Seinfeld

Supreme Court

Gene E. Franchini (LAW '95)
former Justice, New Mexico Supreme Court
Asher D. Grunis (LAW '72)
President, Supreme Court of Israel
John Charles Thomas (CLAS '72, LAW '75)
former Justice, Supreme Court of Virginia


Tim Finchem (LAW '73)
Commissioner and CEO, PGA
Bowie Kuhn (LAW '50)
Commissioner of Major League Baseball, 1969-84; presided over free agency rights and player strikes.

Land, Sea, & Space

Bill Nelson (LAW '68)
U.S Senator and Astronaut. Flew on a mission aboard the Columbia Space Shuttle in 1988.

News & Media

William F. Shortz (LAW '77)
Crossword editor, New York Times; puzzlemaster, NPR Weekend Edition
Bob Wright (LAW '68)
Vice Chairman and Executive Officer, GE Chairman, NBC Universal

Arts & Literature

Louis S. Auchincloss (LAW '41)
Attorney, novelist, The Rector of Justin, The House of Five Talents
David Baldacci (LAW '86)
Novelist, Absolute Power, Saving Faith, The Simple Truth
Linda A. Fairstein (LAW '72)
Former prosecutor and best-selling crime novelist, served as Chief of the Sex Crime Persecution Unit in the NY Dist Attorney office.
N. Scott Momaday (LAW '59)
Author, House Made of Dawn, The Bear; Pulitzer Prize recipient

International/Foreign Affairs

W. Robert Pearson (LAW '68)
Director General, Foreign Service and Director, Human Resources U.S. Department of State
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