NROTC Classes

Introduction to Naval Science

This class, taught in the Fall by the Aviation Lieutenant, is zero credits. Mandatory for fourth class Midshipmen, it surveys the histories of the US Navy and Marine Corps and introduces customs, procedures and policies of both services.

Seapower and Maritime Affairs


In the spring of their first year, all Midshipmen will take this class with the Aviation Lieutenant. Course material surveys international maritime history, American naval involvement, evolution in technology and management, and the role of the navies in foreign policy.

Leadership and Management


Taken in the Fall of a Midshipman’s second year, Leadership and Management introduces theories and parameters of leadership and management within and outside the Naval Service. Led by the Executive Officer, Midshipmen will be exposed to practical applications, readings, and case studies to jump start their development as leaders.



In the spring, the Surface Warfare Lieutenant will teach third class Midshipmen about marine navigation and prepare them to stand bridge watches on US Navy ships. Topics include chart interpretation, piloting, tides, rules of the nautical road, and basic use of maneuvering boards.

Naval Ship Systems II

Systems I

Taught by the Submarine Lieutenant in the Fall of Midshipmen’s third year, Naval Ship Systems II emphasizes basic theoretical considerations for weapons systems, detection, tracking, computation, weapon delivery systems, and system integration. Only for Navy Option Midshipmen.

Evolution of Warfare


Second Class Marine Options will learn the historical development of tactics in the fall from the Marine Officer Instructor. They will examine the social, economic, and political impact of war and consider the great military leaders and organizations throughout history.

Naval Ship Systems I

Systems II

Navy Option Midshipmen take this class with the Submarine Lieutenant in the spring of their third year. Topics of naval ship design and operation covered include thermodynamics, efficiency, propulsion, casualty response, electrical power, and naval architecture.

Fundamentals of Maneuver Warfare


This class is taken by Marine Option Midshipmen in the Fall of their third year. The Marine Officer Instructor will teach broad aspects of warfare and their interactions with maneuver warfare doctrine. Specific focus will be placed on the United States Marine Corps as the premier maneuver-warfare fighting institution.

Naval Operations and Seamanship

Naval Ops

In the fall of their fourth year, Navy Option Midshipmen will study all aspects of Naval operations and prepare to stand bridge and Combat Information Center watches on US Navy ships. Taught by the Surface Warfare Lieutenant, the class focuses on advanced navigation, communications, ship handling evolutions, and naval warfare doctrine.

Leadership and Ethics


Taught by the Commanding Officer to all first class Midshipmen in the spring, the course applies western morals and ethics to military leadership, the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and the conduct of warfare. This case-based class prepares Midshipmen for their future roles as leaders in the Naval Services.