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Assessment, Rationale, and Model: 2013 and Beyond

For several years since the program was created, a survey has been made available to the African American student body. Subsequently, the data received were analyzed and a portrait of the Black student experience of 14 specific problems emerged. Project RISE found created with the original portrait n mind. The rationale has been expanded since 2006 and is now being provided to the UVA community in a picturesque way; a set of pictures that speaks volumes.
In the spirit of the project's data enhanced origins, all Project RISE trained peer supporters will become effective consumers of data, as well as, contributors of research that might improve the overall experience of African American students in Predominantly White Institutions. This commitment is in the service of ultimately improving the experience of learning for all students, staff and faculty.
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Training Pathways: 2013 and Beyond

The original model for training included a 2 day retreat during the Fall semester of an academic year. During this retreat, students developed a calendar of events for the given year, as well as, learned a brief model of listening and responding. The program was maintained after the workshop by weekly meetings for supervision and consultation where students could discuss any issues that may have occurred in the preceding week.
Currently, the 2 day training has been expanded to a 3 year training model. In the first year, every participant will complete a series of workshops that will serve as an introduction to peer helping. This introduction consists of a semester long exploration of many aspects of one's self relative to the helping process and a semester of learning the basic building blocks of listening, thinking and responding to the needs of peer students at the University. Each student completing these workshops will become Project RISE certified counselors.
In the second year, students will continue to build upon what they learned in the first year. A select group of Project RISE certified helpers will be chosen to receive advanced skills development in peer helping, peer leadership and large group psychoeducation and outreach. Again, this training will be two semesters long and will end with the participant student receiving an additional certification and becoming Project RISE Peer Educators.
The third year is an important year in the training. Students who have completed the 1st and 3rd year of training will be afforded the opportunity to complete an internship through the Project. During this time, they will become responsible for the direction of the project for the given year, provide supervision to their peers, and conduct necessary evaluation of the program. After three years in the program, students will have learned the necessary skills to lead a peer support program as well as to guide others in the provision of peer counseling services. Students participating in this trainig will function as Project RISE Resource Coordinators.
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Services: 2013 and Beyond

The foundation of this model rests on peer to peer interactions in everyday lived experiences: students recognizing distress and providing support to one another. Every peer counselor will have the skills to respond to others in this way as well as to serve as role models for good help seeking and receiving bevaviors.
Additionally, the program provides targeted one to one peer counseling during regular office hours. Appointments can be requested via the contact form on the Project RISE Appointment/Consultation Request page. Students and stakeholders at the University can also request workshops targeted for specific groups or events. Typical outreach programs include: Mental health and the body, Cultural Sensitivity and University Life, Gender, Ethnicity and the Transition to the University, and Understanding Self and Others.
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Everything Else
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