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Services: 2013 and Beyond

The foundation of this model rests on peer to peer interactions in everyday lived experiences: students recognizing distress and providing support to one another. Every peer counselor will have the skills to respond to others in this way as well as to serve as role models for good help seeking and receiving bevaviors.
Additionally, the program provides targeted one to one peer counseling during regular office hours. Appointments can be requested via the contact form on the Project RISE Appointment/Consultation Request page. Students and stakeholders at the University can also request workshops targeted for specific groups or events. Typical outreach programs include: Mental health and the body, Cultural Sensitivity and University Life, Gender, Ethnicity and the Transition to the University, and Understanding Self and Others.
To schedule an appointment or request an Outreach click here.

Consultation Services are available all year long. A Project RISE Certified Support Person will be available at least twice weekly. We can be reached at Contact Project RISE to schedule an appointment or by email at:

Office Hours:
Mondays 10am – 2pm
Thursdays 2pm – 5pm

Feel free to drop in. Appointments are prioritized in this order: previously scheduled and confirmed appointments through email or the contact form and then first come first served during walk in times.

Weekly Support Group:

Black Talk: A Support Group for Black Students
This group provides an opportunity for men and women who identify as Black (African descent) to receive and give support in a comfortable and safe environment. The group uses a supportive atmosphere to facilitate discussion between Black students about their challenges, celebrations, and other complexities related to their lives here at UVA. Areas of support include: examining their sense of self and identity, exploring issues of transition, academic difficulties, personal development, and challenges to achievement. Together, as we explore our experiences we will consider the implications of gender dynamics on the student experience at UVA as well. No RSVP necessary; drop in as needed.

Michael Gerard Mason, Ph.D., LPC
Thursdays 3:30 – 5:00