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First Year Seminar (FYS) is a voluntary program designed to help first-year students make the most of their time at U.Va. Participants meet once a week for five weeks to discuss a variety of topics ranging from

identity awareness and personal accountability to building relationships with faculty. The weekly sessions are led by teams of facilitators who are upperclass students often involved in a wide variety of organizations and activities around Grounds. The program culminates with a panel discussion, during which first-year students have the opportunity to ask graduating fourth years about their experience at the University. Although FYS does not carry academic credit, students who have participated in the past have found it to be both meaningful and fun, a valuable addition to their experience at U.Va.


For First-Year Students

Most students who participate in First Year Seminar have been identified by an RA, academic dean or other administrator as someone who would benefit from what First Year Seminar offers, small discussion groups and and opportunity to meet other First Years. Orientation and New Student Programs sends the recommended student a letter inviting him/her to attend an information session, at which he/she can learn more about the program.  We however, welcome all students to participate in First Year Seminar and so, if you are a first year student who would like to participate, please attend an information session to sign up to join the program!

FYS Info Session

Important Dates for 2015

FYS Information Sessions | January 26 (Minor Hall-Room 125 from 6-7 pm) & January 27  (Ern Commons from 6-7 pm)

FYS Week One | February 2 & 3
FYS Week Two | February 9 & 10
FYS Week Three | February 16 & 17
FYS Week Four | February 23 & 24
FYS Week Five | March 2 & 3