Project SERVE

UVA’s Project SERVE is an annual event with a twofold mission: to introduce incoming students to service and service learning opportunities at UVA and to familiarize participants with some of the local agencies that rely on the continued dedication and commitment of the University community. Many of our incoming students have been actively engaged in volunteer service during their high school careers and are looking for a way to continue it in college. Project SERVE provides all students with an opportunity to make these connections and form lasting friendships with like-minded volunteers.

Friday, August 26 from 2-6pm

Click here to sign up for Project SERVE (Available May 15, 2016)

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  • To promote the value of serving others in the community.
  • To introduce incoming students to the concept of service learning.
  • To provide incoming students who have previous community service experience an opportunity to continue participating in those activities.
  • To introduce participants to local community service agencies and to the Charlottesville community.
  • To offer opportunities for leadership.
  • To enable incoming students to meet and interact with their fellow classmates.

Learning in Action“Signed up for Project SERVE? Check out UVA’s Learning in Action for more service opportunities within and beyond the University. Just look for our lightbulb!”