Apply to be an Orientation Leader

Each year, Orientation and New Student Programs will select a group of mature and dedicated undergraduate leaders to assist with implementing orientation programs during the summer and fall. Orientation Leaders serve as guides for new students, who are making the transition from their previous environment to the diverse academic, intellectual and social culture of the University.

Orientation Leader Application Information

The 2017 Orientation Leader Application will be available here on December 1, 2016. The information below refers to the previous year’s application.


Make sure to read the Orientation Leader Application Information Packet (pdf) before applying: it has tentative training and work dates, information on the application and selection process and general information about qualifications and expectations.


In addition to your application, you need to submit names for 2 references. Have ONLY ONE of your references complete and submit the Reference Form by 4:00 pm on February 9th.
For recommenders: If you need to submit more than one form or if you see a message that says your response has been submitted in error, please copy the link and open it in any browser that is either in incognito or private mode. This should rectify the situation.

Important Orientation Leader Dates

Spring Training Meeting 1
April 8, 2016 4 — 6 pm
Spring Training Meeting 2
April 22, 2016 4 — 6 pm
OLs move in to Alderman Housing
June 16
OL Training
June 17 — July 6
Summer Orientation
July 7 — July 29
OLs return for Session J
August 15
Session J International Student Session
August 17 — August 19
Fall Orientation
August 20 — August 22







Orientation Program Overview

Orientation is designed to help entering students and their parents acclimate to the University of Virginia. The goals of orientation are:

  • To introduce students to academic life at the University through helping them register for courses
  • To integrate entering students into life at the University by connecting them to other students, faculty and administrators
  • To familiarize them with Grounds
  • To familiarize the parents of new students with the University experience

Position Description

Orientation and New Student Programs will select a group of mature and dedicated undergraduate leaders to assist with implementing orientation programs for summer and fall.  Orientation Leaders serve as resources for new students and family members who are making the transition from their previous environment to the diverse academic, intellectual, and social culture of the University of Virginia.  Orientation Leaders are expected to possess a specific body of knowledge about the University acquired through training and experience, and they must be sincerely interested in and skillful at sharing this information with orientation participants.  Selection to the Orientation Leader team is a unique honor and a rewarding opportunity for personal and professional growth.

Job Description

Minimum Qualifications

  • Good academic standing, with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0
  • Good disciplinary standing
  • Knowledge of and commitment to the mission and goals of Orientation and New Student Programs
  • Leadership potential, professional demeanor, strong work ethic, and willingness to take initiative
  • Openness to strengthening your understanding of multiculturalism, diversity, and social justice
  • Positive attitude, high energy level, knowledge of and enthusiasm for the University of Virginia
  • Good teamwork, communication, and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work effectively with a diverse group of team members, students, and parents
  • Desire to learn about the University’s community, programs, resources, policies, and procedures
  • Flexibility, responsibility, and willingness to assist others

Orientation Leader Roles & Responsibilities

  • Attend and participate in all spring and summer training sessions
  • Serve as a positive representative of the University to new students and their guests
  • Answer questions about both social and academic aspects of University life
  • Facilitate new students’ introduction to the University by maintaining an open, helpful attitude and using effective communication techniques
  • Promote interaction among groups of new students during small group discussions, icebreakers, meals, and activities
  • Facilitate small group interactions on various topics, including course enrollment and student life issues
  • Participate in a two week training before the start of the sessions in the summer and be responsible for all information covered during Orientation Leader training over the summer
  • Explain academic advising and course enrollment procedures for all undergraduate schools and answer basic questions about requirements, course loads, and elective classes
  • Supervise activities while living among new students attending Summer Orientation sessions
  • Facilitate social activities for new students through direct involvement and participation
  • Work closely and cooperate with other Orientation Leaders and Orientation and New Student Programs staff to develop, prepare, implement, and evaluate Orientation programs
  • Provide administrative support for the program, including preparation of Orientation materials
  • Work with Orientation and New Student Programs staff to assist with and support all aspects of the Orientation program, including Move-In Days and Fall Orientation

Terms and Conditions of Employment

  • Orientation Leaders must be returning, full-time students for the 2016 fall semester, and they must remain in satisfactory academic and disciplinary standing for the 2016 spring semester
  • Training:  Orientation Leaders must be present and on time without exception for all scheduled training sessions and work assignments.  During the training period, Orientation Leaders will have time off Saturday and Sunday: June 18-19, June 25-26, July 2-3, and Monday, July 4th.  Additionally, Orientation Leaders will be expected to attend team meetings as designated by their Senior Orientation Leader.
  •  Orientation Programs:  Throughout the Summer Orientation period, Orientation Leaders will be expected to work full days on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Orientation Leaders are required to attend two Wednesday debriefing sessions (9AM -1PM) on July 13 and 20.  All other times are designated as time off.
  • Summer Housing:  Orientation Leaders will remain in residence in the facilities provided during training and Summer Orientation sessions.  Specifically, Orientation Leaders must stay in their assigned residence halls on Sunday and Wednesday nights prior to each orientation session and on Mondays and Thursdays during orientation sessions. Orientation leaders are however, encouraged to stay in the dorms throughout their employment even if they have off Grounds housing over the summer.
  • Summer Classes/Employment:  Orientation Leaders may not commit to any other compensatory or non-compensatory engagements that would interfere with their work during the orientation work period (June 17 – July 29 and August 17 – 19).  Orientation Leaders are allowed to enroll in Summer Session I only, as Orientation Leader work dates conflict with Summer Sessions II and III.


Compensation and Benefits

  • $1,700 stipend, subject to required payroll deductions
  • Housing in a single, air-conditioned room in the Alderman road residence area during training and Summer Orientation sessions
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner during each orientation session and breakfast for Wednesday debriefing meetings between sessions. All meals are provided during Orientation Leader Training.
  • Orientation Leader uniform shirts
  • Parking privileges at Scott Stadium during Training and Summer Orientation
  • Option to purchase discounted summer pass for intramural-recreation privileges


2016 Selection Timeline

OL Application available
December 11, 2015
Information Session
Jan 26, 6-7 pm, Newcomb Theater
Information Session
Jan 27, 6-7 pm, Newcomb Theater
Application deadline
February 8, 4:00pm
Reference deadline
February 9, 4:00pm
Notification of acceptance for group interview
February 16
Group interview sign-ups
February 16 – February 18
Group interviews
February 20
Notification of acceptance for individual interviews
February 22
Individual interview sign-ups
February 23
Individual interviews
February 24 — February 26
Selection announcement
             March 4
Acceptance deadline
March 14, 4:00pm