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Session Start Date End Date
Session A
(A&S, SEAS, SEAS-Bridge, NURS)
July 7 July 8
Session B
(A&S, A&S-Rainey, A&S-Transition, SEAS, SARC )
July 10 July 11
Session C
(A&S, A&S-Echols, SEAS, SEAS-Rodman)
July 14 July 15
Session D
(A&S, A&S-Echols, SEAS, EDUC)
July 17 July 18
Session E-Transfers
(3rd Year A&S, EDUC, NURS, LEAD)
July 21  
Session F-Transfers
(2nd year A&S Transfers)
July 22  
Session G
(A&S, A&S-Echols, SEAS)
July 24 July 25
Session H*
(SEAS Transfers, COMM Transfers, SARC Transfers, International)
August 20 August 22

*Session H is limited to international and American students living abroad, COMM, SARC and SEAS transfer students, or those traveling great distances to Virginia. Students living abroad are not limited to the Session H option and are welcome to select an earlier session instead. Contact us with questions.