Apply to be a TSPA

Transfer Student Peer Advisors (TSPAs) serve as resources for incoming transfer students who are making the transition from their previous institution to the diverse academic, intellectual and social culture of the University of Virginia. As TSPAs, students serve as initial contacts for newly admitted students, assist with the implementation of orientation and Fall Transfer Welcome Week programs, and provide general support for their group of advisees throughout the fall semester (and into the spring semester if possible) through regular emails, calls, and small group activities.

Selection to the TSPA team is a unique honor and a rewarding opportunity for personal and professional growth. As such, TSPAs must be enthusiastic, approachable, knowledgeable about University resources, and genuinely interested in helping others. They must also be able to work with others from a wide variety of backgrounds. TSPAs must be in good academic and disciplinary standing with the University.


  • Serve as a primary point of contact for new transfer students and provide general support to advisees by answering questions about social and academic aspects of University life
  • Facilitate new students’ introduction to the University by maintaining an open, helpful attitude and using effective communication techniques
  • Promote interaction among new students during small group discussions, icebreakers, and planned programs sponsored by the Office of Orientation and New Student Programs
  • Attend all training sessions (dates to be determined)
  • Attend and actively participate in committee meetings and activities
  • Write one postcard and at least three emails to each transfer student in your assigned group over the summer and respond to all queries throughout the summer.
  • Answer questions via email that your advisees might have following Transfer Student Orientation
  • Attend all Fall Transfer Welcome Week events
  • Participate in and actively promote transfer events throughout the fall semester
  • Maintain consistent contact throughout the fall semester and into the spring semester
  • Attend TSPA meetings during fall semester (dates to be determined)

Application Materials

Before applying, please thoroughly review the above information about applying to be a TSPA and TSPA responsibilities. By applying for a TSPA position, you are agreeing that, if selected, you will attend all training sessions, actively participate in the program, and serve as a positive resource for new transfer students.

The 2017 TSPA Application will be available here in February 2017.