Apply to be a TSPA

The Transfer Student Peer Advisor (TSPA) program matches upper-class students with incoming transfer students. TSPAs serve as resources for incoming transfer students as they adjust to both the social and academic cultures of the University of Virginia. Throughout the year, TSPAs are responsible for building community amongst transfer students as well as advocating for transfer student needs, in partnership with Orientation & New Student Programs and the Office of the Dean of Students. The TSPA position is a yearlong commitment.


Transfer Student Peer Advisors build community for and advocate on behalf of members of the University of Virginia transfer student community. TSPAs are highly invested in building relationships with new transfer students and improving the overall experience of this population. Successful TSPAs have an appreciation for diverse experiences, identities and backgrounds and must be able to partner with people different than themselves. TSPAs are enthusiastic, approachable, willing to learn, and genuinely interested in advocating for transfer students. TSPAs must have a desire to support transfer students throughout the academic year and serve as a representative for transfer needs. TSPAs must be in good academic and disciplinary standing with the University.

Summary of Responsibilities

Orientation and Welcome Programs

  • Serve as initial contact for newly admitted transfer students
  • Communicate with and serve as a resource for newly admitted transfer students throughout the summer with regard to academics and social life
  • Attend and assist with the implementation of Welcome Week transfer programming, including Fall Orientation (Sunday), Alumni Hall Welcome Breakfast (Monday), and the Transfer Student Garden Party (Wednesday). Details to follow and subject to change

Community Building

  • Plan and execute programming specifically for the transfer community
  • Collaborate with on-Grounds residential communities where transfer students live to promote success in academic and social transition
  • Serve as an advisor/resource for transfer students throughout the academic year through regular emails, calls and group activities

Advocacy and Outreach

  • Identify areas of improvement within the University of Virginia transfer student experience through personal experience, open forums and other forms of assessment
  • Meet with the Program Coordinator for Orientation & New Student Programs and an Associate Dean of Students on a regular basis to strategically address transfer students needs
  • Partner with various faculty and staff to address transfer concerns
  • Communicate transfer student narratives and experiences through email, student media, and the Transfer Student Support website

TSPA Recruitment and Selection

  • Each year, in partnership with Orientation & New Student Programs, TSPAs will be responsible for assisting in the recruitment and selection processes for the next group of TSPAs

Application Materials

Before applying, please thoroughly review the above information about applying to be a TSPA and TSPA responsibilities. By applying for a TSPA position, you are agreeing that, if selected, you will attend all training sessions, actively participate in the program, and serve as a positive resource for new transfer students.

For any questions, please contact

Application Deadline: Monday, February 20, 4:00pm