CAVPOOL: U.Va's Carpool Incentives Program

CAVPOOL:  U.Va's Carpool Incentives Program

Carpooling is an environmentally and financially responsible commuting option. As an added reward, U.Va Parking and Transportation offers incentives to encourage U.Va employee commuters to share the ride.



Not in a carpool yet? Use Zimride to find someone with a similar commute. Add more riders to your carpool to increase your savings!

2 Riders = 25% Permit Price Discount

3 Riders = 40% Permit Price Discount

4+ Riders = 100% Permit Price Discount

Occasional Parking Permits

Occasional Parking Permits

Need to drive separately on occasion? Each Cavpool member recieves an occasional parking permit (10 days of parking) for a reserved lot and an occasional parking permit (10 days of parking) for a BLUE lot, per year. These permits are interchangeable amongst members of the same Cavpool.

Guaranteed Ride Home

Guaranteed Ride Home

Have an emergency that requires you to leave work? You're covered with RideShare's Guaranteed Ride Home program that will cover the cost of your taxi fare or rental car.

Cavpool Reserved Parking

Reserved Parking

Save time finding a parking space with reserved Cavpool parking spaces in many of the parking garages and lots. These spaces are typically located near building entrances and/or bus stops.



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