CAVPOOL Information for Existing Carpools

Congratulations! If you're currently in an active carpool, you've already taken the first step in reducing the cost and carbon footprint of your daily commute. To award you for your smart commuting decision, and to provide an incentive to continue this mode of transportation, the Department of Parking and Transportation has implemented the Cavpool program to provide permit discounts, free Occasional Parking Permits, and a special Zipcar bonus.

Occasional Parking Program

If you already have an active parking permit, you can save anywhere from $48 to $960 each year off your permit price. This doesn't include the free Occasional Parking Permits you'll receive for those days when members of the Cavpool have to drive separately.

And as piece of mind, you'll be eligible to enroll in RideShare's Guaranteed Ride Home program in the event that you have to get home for a sick child, family emergency, or illness.

To enroll please complete the online registration form, wait to be contacted to set up your enrollment meeting, and then you can start enjoying your free benefits. Please note that Family Housing permit holders are not eligible for the Cavpool program. Payroll Deductions: The price of the permit will be deducted from each member of the group. Guaranteed Ride Home

Thought about joining the program before but wasn't sure if it was for you?

The Cavpool program continues to grow and expand, providing new options and incentives for participants. Some of the newest features of the program include:

  • Cavpool permits are now eligible for regular payroll deduction. Some exclusions apply.
  • The amount of free Occasional Parking Permits has been increased to 20 permits (10 reserved, 10 commuter) per rider every year regardless of how many riders are in the Cavpool.
  • Cavpool permits are now honored in up to two locations on Grounds to help facilitate alternating drivers/vehicles. The price of the permit is based on the higher priced parking location.
Total Riders Permit Discount Permit Location Occasional Parker Permits per Rider Zipcar Driving Credit
2 Riders 25% No Preferential Assignment 10 in Reserved Lots
10 in Commuter Lots
$15 (details)
3 Riders 40% Preferred Assignment 10 in Reserved Lots
10 in Commuter Lots
$15 (details)
4 Riders 100% Preferred Assignment 10 in Reserved Lots
10 in Commuter Lots
$15 (details)
5+ Riders 100% Dedicated Space 10 in Reserved Lots
10 in Commuter Lots
$15 (details)
Cavpool members are eligible to enroll in the Guaranteed Ride Home Program offered by RideShare. RideShare is a program of the Thomas Jefferson Planning District and is not affiliated with or administered by the University of Virginia.
RideShare may be contacted at or 1-888-974-5500.

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